Thursday, February 26, 2015

Remember me?

After that last post that was simply steam of thoughts as they came into my head - it was probably assumed I had a stroke and that explained it.

No - my round of doctors and PT - which will continue next week as though nothing had happened got to me!.  Plus we spent the last week at the SSB.

As you are aware, that is getting to be a pain for me.  I really want to stay home!!  But - gotta go.  This trip was a real winner.  We did go to Community Club on Friday night.  Our crazy neighbor's wife seems to realize that I am not her "bestest" friend.  She has hinted over the last year while that crazy road was being constructed that this relative and that were having babies or grands and they would love to have the baby toys I make.  Yeah - well, I am not making them for you unless you pay me double what I charge.  I have given her those - free.  She didn't sit anywhere near me Friday night.  Last month, she sat between me and my SIL.

Beginning on Tuesday, our temperature dropped to 27 degrees and STAYED there for about 30 hours.  I know it has been a lot worse in other parts of the nation, but this is pretty serious for us.  Our decks were completely iced over.  Fortunately I had gotten the stair treads installed so that there would be traction on the back steps.  Finally yesterday the temperatures broke.  It was a lovely afternoon - until the riding lawn mower broke.

It is still sitting in the pasture.  It is in gear.  It won't start so it won't come out of gear.  Fun. fun, fun.

Looks like we are in for another round of cold.  Up there it will be sleet and snow tomorrow.  Then cold the rest of the week and into next.  At least here it won't be as cold.



it probably needs some wd-40 on the gears..

Sally said...

Yes, I missed you and wondered what happened. Glad you're okay though. :)