Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Life is a complete whirl right now

When I set about making my doctors appointments, I was amaze at the speed at which my calendar filled up.  Two weeks - almost solid of something on each date.  Then as I began going to those visits, more was added.  My head is in a complete whirl.

Yesterday were the injections, and while I still am feeling a few twinges, there is some relief!  I discovered I am still not comfortable standing for a time period.  The back still hurts.  And as long as I am fairly careful with the shoulders, they are better.

I got the call yesterday from the hospital I wanted.  Prayers were answered!!  They sent me a 10 page packet to return today, and I go tonight at 7:30 for the sleep study.  I am hoping I will be sleeping soundly so they wake me to put the mask on.  This will mean only one study.  I took one of the sleeping pills the sleep doc gave me, and it worked!!!  So - tonight for sure.

In the literature it said that I can watch TV or read as I normally would - - - until lights out.  That sounds rather ominous.   With the technician waking us (me - don't know how many there are) at 6:30 I am thinking it is going to be fairly early.  I will bet before my usual midnight!!!

I am glad I have had the sleep study before.  I won't be so terribly nervous.  But I know I still do not sleep well in a strange bed.

So - have a great evening.  I am sure I will be here bright and early tomorrow - and then off to PT in the afternoon.  Money, money,money thanks to my wonderful Medicare Advantage Plan (which really isn't for me!!!!0



I was so pissed at mine..I got there at 9 or so ..hooked me up ..let me read till got sleepy.(had the pill) and hey woke me up at 4 and unhooked me and sent me home..45 minute drive half a sleep to West..fuuuck..they are idiots..

Judy said...

Fred really enjoyed his sleep study--but then, he was a strange guy, LOL. Around here, you go in at 7:30, go to sleep around 11:00 and they wake you at 7:30 and...give you breakfast--then send you home.