Sunday, February 08, 2015

Randomness on a Sunday afternoon

So much, so much - where to start.

I guess I will begin with late last week - Friday I believe.  I opened my email and there was the weekly missal from Celebration.  There is a section where the pastor or vicar or Assistant in Ministry or Worship Leader writes something.  And Pastor did.  I am sure he has caused quite a stir because most of the congregation didn't know this little tidbit.  I had heard because he visited his top 10 givers, and said something to them,

In the newsletter he announced he is stepping down as Pastor!  The 22nd will be his last Sunday. Krissi talked to one of our friends who asked it that meant we would be coming back.  Nope.

But this is how that man "rolls" - all smoke and mirrors.  I know what the plan is.  Krissi knows the plan, and probably about 8 others do too.  But the congregation is still like mushrooms.  Kept in the dark and fed s*it.  The more I learn about this man, the more I really dislike him.  Not very Christian I guess.


This weekend has had some amazing things happen.  First, I never will claim to be a housekeeper.  I don't like it, and if the house is clean enough to not be dangerous, I am ok.  Secondly, (an excuse I guess) I had a whole pile of stuff happen all at once - even though it was across a number of years.  When I retired, I began keeping grandchildren.  That took a lot of my time - especially Katie because I kept her the most hours (another story) and the longest time.

My aunt and uncle who were like second parents passed.  I inherited a lot of stuff.  Back then I had emotional ties to the stuff.  It meant a lot to me.

Then I had to move Step-mom and Dad here.  She with terminal kidney/bladder cancer; he terminal Alzheimer's.  I was trying to be super-woman.  I felt guilty because I couldn't manage him at home, so I was trying to do his laundry.  And since he had become incontinent - there was a lot.

Then she got really bad and died.  So we had to move the stuff from San Antonio.  The house was being sold.  Round one of the avalanche.

My dad rocked along for about 4 years, and then he passed.  I am still processing all the stuff from two households.

Then the in-laws died.  Not so much stuff, but still...

In that time right after my dad, I was lucky enough to be tagged by cancer.  Chemo, radiation all that.  I was just beat down.  Things simply piled up - more.

Most recently the arthritis.  Hopefully Pain Doc will help.

So where am I going - right here!  When I was taking chemo, I lost my wedding ring.  I hate to wear any jewelry in the house.  I took the ring off, and forgot where I put it.  Lovely chemo brain.   Add everything else and I was a mess.  I have searched and searched.  Could not find it.

Yesterday, I was looking through last years tax stuff and cleaning up where the shredder vomited after getting jammed.  I was using the hand vac.  It wouldn't pick up something, and of course with the macular degeneration and glaucoma I couldn't see it very well.  Lo and behold it was my ring that has been missing for 5 (!!!) years.  Holy cow!

Last month I lost my wig.  It is the most expensive wig I have ever bought.  I was just sick.  I looked every where.  We thought it might be in the clothes I cleaned out of my closed.  It might have slipped in there.  I haven't wanted to take all of those clothes out of the bag because handling all that made my arthritis in my left ring finger, and it is so swollen, I can't put my (new) wedding set on.

I am clearing old magazines (and I only take three - and two aren't monthly, so where do they all come from???) on the coffee table.  What is hiding there between two coffee table books.  Yep - my little lost wig.

Since cancer - I have started carrying a day timer again.  I have to keep my appointments in there.  Like so far this month, there has been something each and every day.  We keep track of our mileage to doctors' appointments.  Mine from last year wasn't with my other medical stuff.  Remember - my "office" is the kitchen table and close-by corner.  It was living with the wig!

Now my mind is still missing.  I am thinking there isn't much hope for it.

So it has been an exciting and good weekend in the end.  Hope your has been too!

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MartiDIY said...

Good news on finding your ring and wig! I once "lost" my ring for over a year and finally found it where I had moved the clutter into another pile.

I started carrying a daytimer, and then found my iphone works better. And I can send myself reminders from it too. I just need to hear the reminder ding to know about it though.