Sunday, February 15, 2015

Did I ever learn a lesson!

I have never subscribed to anything that Dr Oz had put out.  I don't like his ideas, and in fact there is more and more about him coming out that the things he "preaches" about health are not correct.

But other than not ever subscribing to anything he does, that isn't important.  What I have found is what I have always heard about "don't unsubscribe to anything that you didn't subscribe to in the first place" is a valid rule.

My home email will only let emails through from folks who are in my address book.  It has a another box for those emails that may not be complete spam.  Just suspicious because they are not in my address book.  Somehow Dr Oz emails began showing up in the suspicious folder.

I was tired of deleting them, so I went to where is said to "unsubscribe."  Well now I am getting twice as many.  Word got out apparently - she is a real living person.  Hit the spam button.

Lesson learned.  I will just delete from now on.



I mark stuff like that as spam and never get them again. Dr Oz is a quack

MartiDIY said...

That sounds like the Capital One credit card offers I get. I send them back marked "Take me off your mailing list" and get twice as many next month. Most of the time "Unsubscribe" in an email does just that though.

I don't watch Dr. Oz though of course have seen his show while flipping through. He is so unnaturally "energetic" that it makes me uncomfortable to watch him.

Sally said...

Nope, not a fan of Oz either and call me crazy but not a fan of Phil either. I'm just an old grouchy broad. :)


Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Isn't it awful?
Yes, Dr. Ox is a nutbar! Oops, I meant Dr. Oz!