Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I have been on a period of time where sleep comes with much difficulty.  I get ready to fall asleep - in fact I almost drop my Kindle when I doze off.  Then I turn out the light, and like the light that goes off, my eyes pop open.

Now add a new bed to that picture, and never having used the alarm on my phone, last night was a night of naps.  I am really feeling it today.

I had to stay moving after taking the two little ones to elementary school (the oldest was picked up for middle school) because today was my mammogram and bone density appointment.   I would have loved to have gone back to bed for a while!

When I keep the grands, the oldest one gets up before 6.  I get up at 5:55.  That still gives me time to get her up and ready for her ride that comes at 6:50 should she not wake.  The little ones get up at 7, and then can be dropped off between 7:45 and 8:15.

They aren't missing the parental units too much it seems.  They played especially with Daughter when she called to tell them good night, and this morning when she called.  It was "Hi, love you, bye."  I thought that would hurt her feelings, but she said she was glad because it meant they were doing very well.

So we are at it again tonight.  All of them want my White Chicken Enchilidas - with the exeption of the youngest.  So I will just make her a chicken taco.  SIL left stuff to make a crockpot pot roast, but I decided I was able to cook for them.

Daughter comes back in tomorrow, AND she is supposed to provide soup for the Lenten soup supper that comes before the Lenten service.  I told her I would make the soup in the crockpot.  So I am going to do Tortilla Soup in the crockpot  I think it will be good.  I just don't have any cilantro.  But we will do something.

So that's the happenings down here.  Our temperatures are actually beautiful.  It is still a little cool - especially for us, but I know what is coming.  We need to enjoy this as long as we can.  But the sunshine is so pleasant.  We (hopefully) will get rain this weekend.  We do need it badly. 


Judy said...

You are going to be worn out and exhausted by the time you get home. I remember staying with the Grands while their folks were in Ireland for a week. I had so many schedules and places to take them and still home school the youngest two and,,, I was only 50 something at the time. I think when I got home, I slept like 12 hours straight! It is fun, but---I am way too old for that now.


It's great to spend time with the grands, but it can wear you out too. get some rest when you can.