Thursday, March 06, 2014


Some Thursdays are hectic in these parts.  I have my sewing machine club (and IF we weren't gone on the third Thursdays of the month, I would have my digitizer class for my embroidery), and every Thursday G is signed up to play 42 at the community college.

This week we added a "day of beauty" for Clyde.  I forgot about it, and I didn't even get up until after 8.  I am going through another can't sleep time.  He should have been there around 7.  Well, that didn't happen, but it was really OK.

After class today, I was in the area of Costco, so that became part of my day.  I am used to them being busy, busy, busy, but from the talk in the check-out line, today was worse.  There were various ideas about why, but anyway.

I chose a line that looked fairly promising.  From that statement, you should know that it wasn't.  It was moving right along until the guy in fromt of me was next.  Everyone is really good about putting their items on the belt as soon as there is room.  Not this jerk.  AND he had TWO orders.

The poor cashier finally moved over to "help" him put the things on the belt, and was checking him out.  Oh, and he didn't have his card ready.  She got him and his two orders completed by the time I had my things loaded!  She made things smooth and seamless.

So I felt compelled to tell her what a good job they were doing.  She said that idiot has suggested that they only have one line for everyone to use because we have to wait so long anyway!  Unbelievable.  She also told me that one other day a woman wasn't unloading her cart.  The person behind her asked if she thought she was at _____ grocery store where they unload it as you go, and did she need help to unload her cart!  I thought that was priceless.

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Judy said...

I hate Costco. Sometimes they go TOO fast for me. Plus, I like my stuff put into bags--easier to carry in the house.