Sunday, March 09, 2014

Partially answered question

When I was younger, I wondered why folks who have been married for 25 plus years get a divorce.  After all that time??

I am beginning to understand.  And it is all that time.  You put up with things for all that time.

So where does this come from.  Well - I know that we are constantly changing as people.  And that means that couples change.  Sometimes, it isn't for the best.

That's how I feel right now.  I really would like to get out.  All this after 46 years.  There are changes, and I don't like them.

We have always had humm .. disagreements.  Some would become loud.  Always there.  But I am tired of them.  I don't fight back anymore.  I just shut up and let him go on.

Last night was almost the end of it all.  SIL and grandson were away at a baseball tournament,  so we went to dinner ":with the girls."  G had gotten meat out - our fav - venison backstrap.  When we didn't go out to eat, we decided it would go into (oh, such a waste) stew for Family Dinner.

It was on the counter  That's important.

When we got home, to cut to the chase, Clyde had gotten it off the counter, and ate it.  Guess who got blamed for it.  That's right me.  Only me.  "If SHE had put it away ..."

I was ready to pack my bags and leave.  I was totally fed up.  I don't know where all this is coming from, but I am really and truly sick of it.  One of the women at church was surprised to learn that he was Daughter's dad.  "He always looks so grumpy"  And he is.  And I am sick of it.  And I am sick of not going/doing anything because he doesn't like "crowds."  He just doesn't like people - and right now I think I am included in this.

Thanks for listening.  I should take this down, but I doubt I will.  I should just keep this to myself, but ...   This is my blog, and this is one of the things it is for.  So, it will stand.


Judy said...

Yes--our blogs are a good place for us to spout off. I was married 27 years and put up with a lot because we are supposed too--but one day--it was just--over. Is it possible to separate and live apart for awhile? Is it possible to live in the same house, but have areas to stay in so you don't have to be "together" all the time? I think YOU need a break and, BTW, I know a couple who separated after 52 years of marriage--they didn't get divorced, just separated, and each live in their own place. They still go to family functions together and actually, the kids love it because the couple get along so much better.

Jeanette said...

As a person who has been married for almost 37 years I can totally understand where you are coming from. Sometimes you get sick of dealing with moods and everything it and just want to be left alone and in peace for the remainder of your life. I get it! Maybe a little vacation away from eachother would do you good. Whatever you do, try to make yourself happy!