Thursday, March 27, 2014

Breathing more easily

Yesterday, I had my yearly mammogram.  I will never miss another one.  The last time I did that (for about 10 years), I ended up with a mastectomy.  Don't want that again.  I also had a bone density test because I am on the medication that stops any production of estrogen.  My tumor was an estrogen receptor, so I want to try not to have that around.

We completed the mammogram.  She even did the right breast which is pretty much muscle from my back and an implant, but since there has been pain there, I was delighted to have that one done also.  We went into the room for the bone density.  I wasn't too worried about my bone density.  With the number of times I have fallen on my hips, they must be in pretty good condition.  But at the end of that, the radiologist wanted two more pictures of my breast.

That puts a cold chill down my back.  There is scar tissue there also since when I had reconstruction, the doctor did a reduction.  Hence - cutting and scars.  So I have had some pain because of the scar tissues.  Of course, I worried about that!

Today I got my letter in the mail that the mammogram was normal, but it also said that I have dense breast tissue and yada, yada.  Always had that.  So I am not too worried.  I really am thinking about telling Dr Poison that I have had pain in the right breast which was reconstructed.  My CA25-27 has been rising over the years (7!!!!).  I have to admit, I would love to have a CAT scan to make sure there aren't any little tumors beginning in this body somewhere.    We will see about that one.

Today it was back to the eye doctor.  This was a follow-up on the laser she did on the left eye for the drain that was making the glaucoma worse.  So what did she find?  Well, of course the right eye has to get its fair share.  The pressure was up in that one, SO I get to go in next Friday and have the laser surgery in THAT eye!   I am so thrilled I can't stand it.  And where are the cortisone drops that I use after laser surgery - at the SSB.  And what will my insurance probably say?  I am probably going to have to pay outright for those, even though it will be a new procedure.

I am not looking forward to that procedure.  At least this time, I KNOW it will hurt.  Last time, I thought it was going to be easy.  Not. So. Much.  So I am prepared this time.

Got to sleep in my own bed last night.  The last night in Daughters nearly killed me.  My back hurt so much, and I didn't take any kind of pain pill over there.  I was so glad to be back in my 13 year old bed.  It was great.



old age ain't for sissies...hope you are feeling up to par.

Judy said...

Just tell your doc what you want and why--the CAT scan. I'm sure he will agree, at least to give you peace of mind!!!