Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This and that

I am sorry I was so angry and yet maudlin on the last post, and I should probably take it down, but it is how things were/are.  So, in blogger fashion, it will stay.

Today was eye-injection day.  I told that doctor that I would rather have the injection than the laser thingy!  He said "well, at least I am better than someone."  That was what I thought of as being out of character for him. He seems to be rather a sober-sides, so this really surprised me.  But then, I see him less than five minutes a month, so I shouldn't make rash decisions about his personality!

I guess this is another sort of history lesson.  A Facebook page of a Texas magazine posted a drawing of a map of the hill country.  I tbough I would share it.  It shows all the little towns

If you see Doss, which is northwest of Fredericksburg, that is our mailing address - that is IF we had a mail box up the road.  We don't.  But we are off a little dirt road to the west of that.  Where the road number sign is the even smaller (as in a church and the community club building) community where G's family settled,  It is called Hilda. 

Where we really live is another three hours southeast of either Austin or San Antonio.  So this gives you a (kinda distorted) view of where I spend 25% of my time!

And speaking of which - we are off again tomorrow for six days.  We were to go later in the month, but Daughter has a must attend meeting in Austin for her job, and SIL has a "Pizza convention" that is a must for him.  Since he is in the hospitality business - working with restaurants and other food establishments he goes to these conventions to sell equipment.  That means someone stays with the kids.  That would be me!  And that is the time we were going to be gone!

You can follow my trip beginning about 1 pm in Austin where we will head north through Cedar Park to Liberty Hill, Burnet, Llano, Castell, and Hilda.  Then we head west on dirt toward the Llano River where we will stop at the SSB!!  Be there about 4pm!


Judy said...

I was looking for Killeen. I guess it's not in the HIll Country?

Marti said...

Neat map. I hope it's a good week at the SSB. Supposed to turn cold here tomorrow. I'm sorry to hear about the meat incident and being blamed for it. That's no good, and it's not just in long time marriages. My dad was like that and mom said he always was. Maybe why she is still bitter and he's been gone 26 years.


beautiful country....