Tuesday, March 04, 2014

This is not normal!

I was planning to post (easily) some pictures of what it looks like around the house today.  Yesterday was so easy to post!  From the tablet to this computer to the blog.  So, I was all set.  The tablet was dead, so I took the camera.  Taking the card out is easy!  So no problemo! Right???  right??  NO!

I didn't realize the camera was set to internal storage.  To cut to the chase - after an hour and fifteen minutes, I am finally here.  It took utilizing the wonky Dell also, but I finally got the pictures ready.  So here goes.

I also went to the blog to check the layout and realized that I cannot post big pictures in the layout I was using, so I changed it!!

I know this is nothing.  But for us - on the Gulf Coast - in March, it is not normal.  We are just as sick of this as I know a lot of you are.  So - our great ice storm of 2014:
 This is our "grape arbor."  Those are grape vines,  Today they are ice covered.
 Once again, the arbor with some neighborhood trees in the background.  Strange.

 We have a wisteria planted in the front yard. It doesn nothing to climb on - and I think that is the reason it doesn't bloom.  In our other house (30+ years ago) we had one planted like this, and it bloomed!  Anyway - today it is ice!!

 Again the back yard - our other neighbors.  The ice actually shows best here.
This is our BIG ash tree in the front.  Our neighbor across the street has their trees pruned to tall, that you really cannot see the ice.  But regardless - enough already!!!


Judy said...

Actually--it is quite pretty. I do love how all the lawns are still green and some with leaves still on them. Imagine them with 4 feet of snow piled up around the bushes, trees, foundations of the homes. But still, for you--these pix are kind of scary--hope you don't lose the trees.

Jeanette said...

It does look pretty anyway! Sorry I can't feel sympathy though!