Monday, March 24, 2014

Staying with the grandchildren

Both daughter and SIL have business trips this week.  She will only be gone until Wednesday, but still someone needs to be with the kids.  So I will be the one.

I am looking forward to it.  They are fun.  The oldest granddaughter and I get along so well.  She is sharp as a tack, and gives as good as she gets.  We have a terrific time together.  But I am so used to 13 year old kids.  I know that makes me strange, but I really get a kick out of that age group after working with them over 20 years.

Our Rodeo has finally wrapped up.  They did something very unusual - they broadcast the events.  Not the concerts, but I don't care about  that as much as watching the events.  I picked up from the semi-finals through the finals.  Then last night was a different things all together.  It was eight groups chosen to represent the big rodeos in the country.  It was the ones who had won these rodeos the most.  Really good riding!

It was also the Wrap-up party for the different committees.  Daughter and SIL are on "Horsepatility."  As you can imagine, they help in the horse barn.   Anyway, SIL says he has lost 50 pounds in the last 10 weeks (we don't see it, but...), and he didn't realize that the weight loss coupled with the fact that he had not been drinking resulted in him getting a bit, shall we say, looped.

Daughter was really ticked at him.  She even drove home.  Family dinner was here with only that family, and SIL slept for the two hours they were here.  Daughter was not happy.

I was a little hurt that Son and family wasn't here.  I understand that he had a really busy weekend, but the fact they did some things during the week hurt my feelings.  Like they went to Katy to see her dad at least during the week.  But the old poem about daughters and sons is so very true.  I accept that.

I don't know how he is going to keep up with his new schedule.  His band played on Friday night.  Those gigs last until 2, and then he has to break down equipment, get home and put the trailer in the garage, and finally get to bed.  He has three kids under 6.  You know they get up bright and early, but I HOPE their other grandmother had them that night!

Then Saturday he sang with another band.  They hired him (they had wanted him for a long time!) as their front man.  So now he will be appearing with them.  He is keeping his band also. So he has Brian Loftin and Texas Reflections AND Lonely Roads.  He will be playing out every weekend.

Add to this being worship leader for a church way south of us on Sunday mornings.  As with church musicians - especially those who have day jobs - the musicians get to church early to practice.  Then, especially for churches who are meeting in rented spaces, you have to break down the church.

So I do know he was really beat last night.  Plus in his day job he has moved back into the fiber-optic part again.  He has done it before, but that was a while ago.  So he needs to be on top of things.  He is having to relearn the job.  But all of this will help with being moved into management!

I have finished my tales of woe.  Nothing serious.  Just a little moaning, but that's life

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Judy said...

Family brings me most of my moaning too. Have fun with the grand daughter!!!