Thursday, March 20, 2014

Here we go again

Heard around the homestead yesterday:

G:  Did you buy another cartridge for the printer? (asked as I was printing two PDF patterns for dresses that I had downloaded)

Me:  Yes.  I told you I did.

G: I thought you said not to print because you didn't have a cartridge.  I haven't been using the printer because of that.

Me:  says nothing but thinking - I am sorry you know there is another cartridge.  That means you will print everything you come across.  That's why I had to buy a new printer.  Darn!


G:  Are you printing something?

Me: No, at least not right now.  Why?

G: Something must be wrong with the queue  I guess we will have to reload the computer.

Me:  thinking - Oh, sh*t - he has broken this one too.  

Me:  What were you trying to print.  I will shut this computer down to see if there might be something stuck in the printing.

To cut to the chase, it was fixed.  While I was in the study, we talked about his computer not coming on properly, and the like.  Me thinking that I wish it would break because he is used to working where there is IT people, and unlimited printing available that he didn't have to pay for.  Come to think of it - HE doesn't pay for the printing here either!!!

Oh, get ready little printer.  You are going to get worked to death like your predecessor!


Jeanette said...

oh no! And printer cartridges are not cheap, either!

Judy said...

Even the refilled cartridges can be expensive. What is he printing out it necessary?

Marti said...

You ARE the IT department. lol

I guess I'm lucky because dh has his own printer. His is a laser and the ink lasts forever. Mine is a jet but it prints well on fabric. Best of both worlds I guess. I just wish I still had a scanner. I really miss having a scanner.