Friday, March 07, 2014

And the eye says "enough already!"

The last time (about three weeks ago) I went to the regular ophthalmologist (don't you wish you had regular and special doctors??) she said that she didn't like the pressure in my left (of course) eye.  She could prescribe another medication for my glaucoma (still think thickened corneas) or use a laser.

She thought the laser would be better, and I thinking that that would be great - not another co-pay, would be good.  So it was scheduled for today.

My appointment was for 11.  G had made an appointment for a pedicure at 1.  He said he tried to call, but I didn't answer.  Well duh!  I told him I would be vacuuming.  So I didn't get to remind him that I had the 11 appointment,

I hate having later appointments.  The doctor always gets behind, and this one really does.  That's part of what I love about her  - she doesn't hurry her patients, but that is also the problem.  She then gets behind.  So I got in at 11:45.

They sat me in an exam room until 12.  Then I got (SURPRISE) a drop in my eye, and was moved to the section where you wait for your eyes to dilate.  At 12:30, I called home.  I told G to go on, and I would be there ASAP.

It was 1 when I got in to the laser room. G had already cancelled the nail appointment.  I wasn't worried about the laser business because about 10 years ago I had a treatment (in the same eye I might add) to take an aneurism out.  So my vision has been crappy (sorry - no other way to put it) for 10 years.

So another drop, and then the dreaded speculum - only it wasn't really a speculum - in the eye.   It was like a speculum, but I believe it was a magnifying device with some sort of liquid in it.  I was still ok - every month I get that blasted speculum for the injection. 

Then the laser started.  She said it wouldn't hurt, and I would be fine to drive.  SHE. LIED.  Like a big dog.  That thing was painful, but not in the eye.  It was in the cheek below the eye.  I was at the end of my rope when she finally stopped.    I hope that little drain is now open to allow the pressure to drop

Driving for the first 15 minutes was quite painful.  Making things worse, the highway is under major construction.  Lanes appear and disappear daily.  It is always bad, and today was horrendous.  And it is really the only way without going miles out of the way to get from the medical center back home.

I survived.  My eye hurts.  The drops to go in four times a day hurt.  And my eye is about to run away from all these procedures.  I may wake up with an empty socket tomorrow!

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Judy said...

Good Grief!!! I thought the laser wasn't suppose to hurt. Did she mention afterward that she was sorry it hurt? Road construction, dilation of the eye and a sore eye? It's a wonder you even arrived home in one piece. I hope this helps--in the long run.