Friday, March 14, 2014

Time flies ..

I don't know about having fun to cause the time to fly, but it does here.  The pace is so slow, but the time just disappears.

Yesterday was going into Mason for bird seed, deer corn, and the groceries I didn't bring.  We took the old Dodge because it needed gas, and we wanted to take it in before it got too hot around here.  Its a/c is a little wimpy. 

We went to my favorite place - the resale shop. As usual I got some really nice fabric - as if I needed it, for an average of about a dollar a yard.   Usually they have yard lengths or less, but this time there were a couple of bigger pieces.  I intend to make some tops.

The damper on everything was the drunk driver who plowed into the crowd at SBSW in Austin.  That's where we get our news, so it was carried most of the day.  ythat is such a wild, eclectic time.  Continual party.  But this guy wasn't partying.  He had stolen a car - probably in Killeen.  (Jude that is about 100 miles up north from Austin.)  He just didn't want to get caught driving drunk again.  He has a record from Alaska.

Today I was working on genealogy again.  I could be taking blinds down to wash the dust (fine dirt that comes in the smallest gaps) from them.  I could be doing a lot.  But I am not.  The big downside of having two houses is cleaning two houses!!  Even though this is MY house.  When we stayed in MIL's, I would kill myself to make sure it was cleaner than when we came in.  If she could see that house now, she would die on the spot.  SIL isn't interested in keeping it up.  It is horrible - inside and out.

So our hunter came up with his family.  That gives G someone to play with in the evenings!!  Out of my hair.

Yesterday the guys came to clean out the cattle guard.  Hope that shuts up the old maid man across the way.  He wants to have us use another way to get into our property.  He claims the water washes the road out.  No.  It. Doesn't.  Besides we haven't had rain in so long!

He b*tched about the dirt filling the cattle guard.  When I talked to him last night with his intended racial slurs toward the Mexicans who work for this company, he was quite subdued.  I think he realizes that we are not going to bulldoze a new road for him.  This is what happens when the land is sold out of the family.  We get people like him.

So - another 5 or so days.  Tomorrow I will go to Doss.  One of my distant relatives has written a book and the signing is in the church's fellowship hall.  I would really like to get the book. 

Try to catch ya' later!


Judy said...

Fort Hood is in Killeen--right? One of my Dear Friends (hubby in the military) just moved to Evant. They are going to build their retirement home near Killian. They already have a home in Idaho. She wants me to come visit, but.....I have been to Texas--once--when I worked for Buick, they sent us to San Antonio for a weekend. At least, I got to see the Alamo. AND you are right--don't sell adjoining land to out of family people!!!

Judy said...

**I meant Killeen NOT Killian

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Sometimes you just have to turn off the news. It can be difficult. Terrible tragedies.
(ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


news is so disturbing..but I force myself to watch it and read it..I like being informed..sigh*..but still pisses me off.