Thursday, October 31, 2013

Messy day and an early return

Before the messy news, I forgot one "little" item about our teen guest hunter.  G took the guide and the girl out for a ride on the mule.  Of course, the hunter asked to drive the mule.  She was anything but shy, but after the last post that isn't surprising news!  He asked her if she had driven before.  The answer was yes - her mother's car.  He got more information - she had stolen her mother's car.

SO, I did a bit more research on the "home" she was from.  If, and I do say if, it is the one I think it is - it is not only for orphans, and kids removed from homes, but for troubled kids.  Ya' think???

We finally have been effected by the major storm trucking across the states.  It looked like there would be as much as 6 inches or more of rain around the SSB.  So, we decided that we would leave while it was easy.  We have to cross several low water crossings to get out, and Austin was supposed to really get slammed.

We left yesterday.  While we hit a few showers, we made it easily.  The rain has move, but there is a huge line between Austin and Houston that isn't really moving.

This could make Halloween a washout.  That's OK with us.  I don't like opening my door to six foot, masked fellows!  Really we only get a few of the  neighbor kiddos, so we just don't turn on the light. 

I really do hate Halloween though.  And that's a shame.  I loved it as a kid.

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Judy said...

I hate Halloween too--did even as a kid!