Friday, October 11, 2013

Time to eat crow and other unpleasant thoughts

As you remember, my biggest souvenir from Alaska is this here little ole' computer.  We are beginning to have a good working relationship, but it is really a steep learning curve - both a new computer AND a new Windows.  Why is this so serious, and why am I eating crow?  Well - it all goes back to the little bimbo that talked me into these new glasses back several months ago.  As my ophthalmologist told me last week - throw those things away.  You can't see out of them!

That little issue brings me to the fact that I have trouble changing sizes of fonts in applications here.  Sometimes it just magically happens - like it did on Facebook the other day, and here on Blogger.  I am talking about just the draft I am working on - I really don't want huge print in the blog.

When the size of font suddenly changed yesterday, I realized that I could not see the title of my post the day before - y
ou know -the rant about of all things grammar and word usage.  I didn't see - and it had been corrected - that my title had an "A" in place of the pronoun "I."   So I just went on praising spell check while dogging on grammar and word usage.  Do I look like a dope?  You bet I do.

I have been following Jude's efforts of trying to get the part of her dad's estate to which she and her sister are entitled.  I won't link to it, many of you know of her blog anyway.  She want to fly below the radar with her blog, so...

When she is talking about her step-mother it brings back so many memories.  My step mother was just the sweetest, kindest person you would ever want to meet - on the surface.  She was a lying, cheating $%^*&(&%&*^!  Even when it was all unfolding, I really didn't want to believe it.  In fact, when she was dying, Daughter, DIL and I stayed with her all night so she wouldn't be alone to die.

I was frustrated with her for a while before she died.  My dad was very demented.  He never should have been driving.  They gave big bucks to their church, but never called them for help.  (They were in San Antonio then - no family there)  She never would call a taxi, ask for help - nothing.  She would only moan and groan when I was to be there for a shuttle service - which is another story. She never stopped his driving.

I wondered why - and now I think I have an answer.  She was hoping my dad, who was much older than she, would die before her.  Either on his own, which wasn't going to happen because he was physically fit, or get killed in the car.

Why did she want this - so her good for nothing son would inherit all the money.  Monies that should have been just my dad's, but were theirs because we are a community property state.  Had she not ensnared my dad, she wouldn't have had anything.  Her previous husband had nothing.  She would have had $900/month social security to live on.

I won't go into detail, but my dad had managed to save a good amount of monies.  She managed to shield more than her fair share for her son - who could care the least for her.  He was never there.  This fact was told to me by HIS family. 

What did he do with his share of the money.  Opened a "high class" restaurant in Malibu.  Which I really believe is closed now.  I haven't heard from them in a couple of years.  Last I heard he was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. 

Sorry - another rant.  I had to come clean with my goof!  And Jude - you got me to remembering just how evil some step-mothers can be!

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Judy said...

I'm sorry! Oh well, a rant once in awhile, does a body good, LOL.