Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I do love spell check - I wish more people would use it..

I know the saying of "people who live in glass houses .." and all that.  I know I am beginning to sound like a dry, old prune of an English teacher.  And that, in itself is funny because I never taught English for a single day in my life.  I actually have a double major - Biology and English.  That happened when I decided that my math skills were so poor that I could never make it to the 24 hours in Chemistry that I needed to teach it.  (In Texas - your teaching minor has to be 24 hours).  So in the summer of my Junior year in college, I began to pursue English as my teaching minor.  Thus I ended up with something like 28 semester hours.

Anyway, you are so familiar with my problems with word usages.  "Your for you're", the "to, too, two" and of course "then and than."  Lately there have been others that I have added to my list.

I am a member of several Yahoo groups where I surf for free embroidery designs.  Some of those in these groups must never actually sew because they are spending hours in these groups.   The owners will set up "searches" where the members are going through the sites looking for a little design hidden in the pages of designs that are for sale.  Smart marketing, but who has that sort of time.

One of the other things that occurs in these groups is the plea for help.  Now that is a good ides. I learn from the mistakes of others that are often problems that plague me.  But!  Some of the grammar used.  OMG.  And the spelling.

I will be honest.  I am a terrible speller.  The greatest thing that has happened for me is the computer word processing and SPELL CHECK!!!  If I am nor sure of spelling, I depend on spell check.  And if the word is  not there, I use a synonym.  It's the simple words that kill me.  I can spell most scientific words easily, but simple words - not so much.

The words I have recently added are those simple ones.  These are the ones that slip by spell check.  One of the messages I read recently went something like this:

        "I no I must be doing something wrong.  I try to click on the sights to go to another page ..."

That one statement took me a few seconds to realize just what they were trying to say.

OK - I am the first to say that I certainly am not perfect.  It is so easy to be typing along (for those of you who know how to type and that's not me!) and a word to come into your mind but the spelling, proper tense, etc don't.  But some of the same mistakes are made over and over.  And I know that spell check will miss a lot of words.  And grammar check doesn't run automatically.  And I have terrible sentence structure here.

I will put my soap box away now.  Sorry.

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Judy said...

I so agree with everything you have stated. The tenses mix-up is the one that drives me crazy. "I haven't went yet." "I seen that the other day." Makes my teeth hurt when I hear someone talk that way. BUT, then, I have a real problem with "then" and "than". LOL