Thursday, October 24, 2013

Almost over

This morning when I dropped the kids, I was thinking the saga had ended.  I just checked on the plane.  They are on it, but the ETA is an hour later than they thought.  So - I am sure I will do the pickup again today.  But that's fine.

I do love the internet, and especially being able to track that plane.  I was really irrational about this trip before they left.  I was sure that one of the planes was sure to crash.  Hope I am not jinxing now - they are only half was here.  At least they soon will no longer be over the Atlantic.  Geesh - I am such a kook!

I am going to miss seeing those kids everyday.  I suppose I could anyway - they are only a mile away.  But I really will miss dinner especially.  We had some great conversations.  I so love those kids.

I am bone tired.  My whole schedule has been off.  Even to the taking of meds.  Other things have been off too.  I have a little GI track distress this morning - I know TMI!

And so we are off to the SSB tomorrow.  Saturday we have an orphan coming to hunt on child weekend.  It's a great program in the Mason, Texas area that brings orphans from the area out to the ranches around to hunt.  Some of the kiddos have never hunted before.

The rep from this organization talked to us at Community Club last summer, and G signed up.  His brother has done this for several years now.  He usually gets a few kiddos, but we are going for one girl.  She will arrive with a "scout" or something like that.  That means a woman will be with her accompanying her to the blind.  I have to provide an early morning snack and lunch.  Just don't bother ME before at least 8am.  I plan to be unconscious, thank you.

I will be making another meal for tonight.  I know they won't want to cook, and LB has a volleyball game at 5:30 today.  So I am going to do either white or green enchiladas.  Sounds strange doesn't it - white or GREEN.  The meat is chicken for either.

I have spent the week using the kids as guinea pigs, but they liked the special stuff.  So tonight will be another trial I think -  the White Chicken Enchiladas it will be.  There are a lot of recipes appearing on Facebook these days, so I just add them to my computer cookbook.

Probably will be out of action tomorrow - we will leave (yuck) early, and I don't think I will visit tomorrow night.  But I will let you know how Saturday goes!


Judy said...

If you are a Kook--then so am I. I love how you can go on the Internet and watch the plane's progress and see when it lands--safely. I did that when my grandson Andrew was flying back from Germany--ALL ALONE over the ocean! I was scared spitless. So I got his flight number and watched. The kids will remember this time spent with them forever--I know how worn out you are. Hope the SSB gives you some relaxation time.


isn't the internet wonderful? and I fecking love google.