Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things will be different next week!

As I mentioned, Daughter is headed to Italy.  She has been so torn about going, and I really secretly hoped she not go.  But she is going - as of now!  They will leave Friday afternoon, fly to Paris where they will change planes and then to Rome.  SIL is going for work.  He sells industrial coolers and the like for restaurants.  One day they will be in Milan - again he will be working part of the day.  Then they will be back on next Thursday.

The oldest grandchild is perfectly OK with this.  But then she is almost 13, and with that age comes the mother-daughter fighting.  She thinks things will be much easier with me there.  Well - not really, but anyway - I am not expecting a problem there.  Monkey Boy  is so emotional as it is.  When his dad is gone just for overnight on business, he will cry.  His school work is minimal as it is right now.  We don't know what's going on with him.  I just hope he can hold it together next week.  He SAYS he is fine with this, but...   Then there is Doodle Bug the Drama Queen.  When Daughter and SIL would just be gone the evening to work the Livestock Show, she would begin to cry with "I miss my ______" and the blank would change from one parent to another, but it was usually "mommy."

Their schedules are so jammed full of activities, I just hope I don't drop the ball.  I think the water polo practices are covered. I think the baseball on Tuesday is off, and cheer practice is off.  LB's volleyball game is the day they come back, so that's covered.  Now I just have to get them to school, then pick them up.  This is especially a problem these days.  When Texas cut funding to the schools, the first thing to really be cut was bus service.  Since we are within the mile, no buses for the younger two. That means the elementary, which is not meant for a lot of traffic, is a bear morning and afternoon with folks picking up their chicks.  LB has been a car rider, but she CAN ride the bus.  We'll see on that one!

I really feel so selfish in wanting Daughter to not go.  I just worry.  I thought I didn't have attachment problems.  I thought I cut the apron strings long ago, but I guess not.  I don't want to picture her in that blasted rock heavy silver tube over the Atlantic.  Quit laughing at me!  I know I am being really crazy here.  I wouldn't feel like this if we were together.  And deep down, she and I are the same.  She doesn't really want to leave her kids even though she knows Pa (G) and I will do just fine. 

It is true - you NEVER stop being a mother.  Your babies are your babies - forever!

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Judy said...

So true! My daughter and her daughter were in London and Paris for a week and I didn't even know it until they got back. I suppose I should have been mad that she didn't tell me, but I was relieved because I didn't have to go through all that worry. Good luck with the kids!!!