Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I had two children.  I know how to handle two children.  It wasn't always easy, and I was a heck of a lot younger, but it wasn't really too hard.

I have two sets of three grandchildren.  I am now "mommy" to one set.  THREE!  And I am OLD.  Add those two facts together, and that means I am TIRED.

I used to wonder why Daughter was always tired.  Now I know!  It's having three kids.  I am not even attempting her schedule with these kids, and I am totally exhausted.

Yesterday was supposed to be "cheer leading" for the youngest.  Fortunately, she has finally reached the maturity level where little things don't lead to a total meltdown.  She had, in fact, been great.  I was so afraid she would be whining for her mom, but that hasn't happened.

I am not used to getting up at 6 anymore, but I am doing that.  Their stairs are sans handrails (DANGEROUS FOR ALL), so I do not venture upstairs.  To get around that, at 6, I call LB's cell to make sure she is up.  She (fortunately) is picked up by a neighbor for school at 6:45. 

The youngest one sleeps on the couch - long story - so I don't have to get her up.  Her brother has decided to sleep there also, so I know when they are up.  I get their breakfasts (frozen French toast sticks - easy!), get them dressed, and we are off to school between 7:50 and 8.  Usually I am thinking about getting up about this time.

I come home for my breakfast and peace and quiet.  If I stayed at Daughter's house, her two Boxers would still be all over me.  I do my computer stuff, and try to recharge.  Then at 3:15 it starts all over again.  I pick them up at the pool (if it isn't raining).  Or the car rider line - and I have the sign with the name on it all ready.  Neither Daughter or the kids know that blasted number, but I understand the name will work.

Then, and thankfully G does this, at 4:15 it is time to get LB after volley ball practice. Disney channel is on the TV.  If I NEVER have to watch that again, it will be too soon!  The grazing now begins where I really have to watch.  Otherwise they would probably eat the table.  Of course, that means they are too full for dinner then!

I check folder for the happy faces (or not) and sit with The Boy for homework.  If I didn't, he would rush through it so he could get to his "crack-box." That is more appropriately known as an I-pod or something.  The boy is addicted to video games, and he does have to be monitored closely.

LB, being the good teen, heads off to the Netherlands otherwise known as her room.  She is probably texting and all on her phone, but she really is level headed.  She knows her mom can check that phone easily.  The other two plop down on the couches - usually falling asleep.  Of course, my viewing habits are now out of kilter!

Then it's off to bed for me - on a mattress that I really don't like.  I toss and turn, and then suddenly it all starts over again!



oh tell me about it..a year with abby as she got older and bigger and smarter and crawled and is now running..kicked my ass..she's in day care now and running around wagging her finger telling the kids'no no.'...I'm still trying to get caught up on my rest.

Judy said...

I do remember a couple of weeks like yours--I always wondered how I ever raised four kids, but then remember--I was in my 20's and 30's. A week is just too much now for this 70+ grandma!