Sunday, October 13, 2013


I finally downloaded my cameras.  There are only in excess of 550 pictures.  Some are of nothing.  They need to be edited out, but the task of going through them is really daunting.

I do want to share a couple with you though.  They aren't of Alaska.  I have some of those that are absolutely breathtaking!  No, these are of three of my loved ones
My gentle giant, Clyde, snuggling with one of his favorite people - my middle granddaughter.

Clyde is making himself right at home - in his new favorite place - the bed.

Blurry Lady Bug serving at her first volleyball game.  It was hard to get a picture of her standing still!!

But at least I managed here where she is waiting to spike the serve back over the net.  She is really an amazing athlete.  

She seems to be wanting to leave competitive swimming for water polo - in addition to the volleyball.  She decided that cross-country track wasn't her bag.


So what did I decide to do yesterday?  I did a lot of genealogy.  It was fun.  Not so fun was falling down the steps when I went upstairs to feed the cat.

G had called, and he began his rant accusing me of cancelling satellite at the SSB.  That was a mistake.  I had turned around half way up the stairs.  I knew I couldn't make it up to the phone, so I elected to turn back.  We call our last step on the stairs "the killer" because people have a bad habit of missing it.  I turned,, and even thinking about that darned step - I missed it.

So I was crawling on my knees (not supposed to!) to get to the bed to pull myself up.  The phone stopped.  I got there and tried to call back, and to make a long story short, he got back through.   He had that miffed tone to his voice.  I told him to leave that out because I fell trying to answer his silly call.

Anyway -no serious harm.  My back is hurting  a lot again, so I will take it easy and rest it.  It feels like we had to change terminals in Chicago again.  We walked miles with our carry-on. 



ouch...hope you are ok..I'm deathly afraid to fall and break something..that is step one to the old farts home.

Judy said...

It seems we are ALL falling lately. Two other of my blog buddies are recovering. I think we hurry too much and don't have the agility we think we have--had--don't have anymore. Need to slow down a bit--NEVER!!