Thursday, October 10, 2013

Like we had it.

That is the way we are spending money these days. 

I don't know what the little jaunt to Alaska cost us.  I was really pleasantly surprised with the prices - once we got there.  I had heard that everything was so expensive there.  We found lodging was inexpensive.  The hotel in Fairbanks was absolutely great.  It was like a suite!  It seems is was under $90 a night.  Of course, we were  not only at the end of the 0"season," things were closing down as we left!  And we had convention rates.  The hotel in Anchorage was the same way.  In fact, our bill for the dog's and cat's "summer camp" at the vet's office was more than ours!

Of course, the train trips were expensive.  And the fact that we didn't go on one in Fairbanks and I didn't go on one in Anchorage still gets to me - that wasted money!  Those trips usually run about $100 a trip because they are not regular runs for the train.  It's like taking a limo someplace.  You have to pay the crew, the fuel, usually the rail line that owns that rail.  All an expensive thing, but you see things that "normal" people don't get to see.

The food - at least at the grocery (Safeway) was inexpensive.  I guess a large chain can spread out losses over their entire chain.  Restaurants on the whole were more expensive.  In Fairbanks, we had to eat at the hotel, so you KNOW that was high.  But it was the only game in town, and that's when G had the full blown cold.

So where is this all going?  Well - something that is both exciting and will be a good thing in the long run for so many reasons.  When this house is sold, it will come back to us because it is one of the important things folks look for.  We are having our bathrooms remodeled.

My wild dream is to have one of those walk in bathtubs put in the hall bathroom.  With my assorted aches and pains, I would love, love, love to take a nice hot soak.  A shower just doesn't ease the pains.  A hot bath - oh, yes. 

We have a friend who is a contractor.  He has re-done my daughter's kitchen.  He does the most beautiful work.  AND I know he doesn't gouge nor do shoddy work.  He came to give us an estimate
yesterday.  I think my dream tub is going to be just that.  His plumber said that the price on a Kohler is -  get ready for this!! - $9000.  Holy smokes!  And then the door will begin to leak in a year.

But the Master Bath will be able to have the big walk-in shower.  All new tile (which G has let ruin - it's his bath and HE can clean it!!).  New counter tops.  I have hated that master one since we moved in 38 years ago!  It is a textured black formica.  It never comes clean because of that texture which they probably thought gave it "character."  Nope - it traps the calcium from the water, dust, toothpaste, make-up.  Nasty!!  Hate it!!

As I said, this will add value to the house.  We are one of the last to up-date out baths.  I intent to go for the kitchen next - at least having my cabinets done.  They need to be re-stained or something.  I won't have them changed out - my builder was a good cabinet maker.  But they look very tired and dirty.  Jude, and I won't link to you, I just don't have the spunk you have.  I can't get on the floor for the lowers, and the torn rotator cups in my shoulders just won't allow that kind of pressure to really get to those uppers.

So, with great joy, anticipation, and a lot of doubt - here we go again!


JuJu said...

Be sure to take before and after pics!!

Judy said...

When I checked on the walk-in tubs, they were $12K. I don't know why they are so expensive, but it sure would feel great to take a hot soak!!! I put the big shower in, instead--with the seat, two hand rods, and a huge shower pan. It is nice, but not like a hot soak!

Have fun--I am surprised G is going for this.