Monday, October 14, 2013

Back to normal

G should be walking in at any minute now.  So that means my "vacation" is going to be over soon.  I do enjoy these times when I can do what I want WHEN I want.

Daughter hosted once again last night for family dinner.  I do appreciate that so much, but part of the reason it that they are leaving Friday for Italy.

I know this is such a great opportunity, but I really wish she wasn't going.  I have always been happy for her to be a homebody.  Knowing she is over there.  This is sort of like "letting go."  My feelings are completely irrational.  I don't like the thought of my daughter being in that silver tube at 40,000 over the Atlantic.  I have to be honest - I am afraid.  Stupid.

Her step daughter is riding the pity party train again.  She is stirring the stuff causing all sorts of drama in San Antonio once again.  This poor girl is so mentally ill.  My SIL is a psychologist, and she says the girl is psychotic.  It's a shame she has nothing better to do than cause problems in a very dysfunctional family.

Once again I am going thorough a sleepless period.  During the day, if I sit still, I fall asleep.  So I try to stay stimulated.  At night - around midnight, I am wide awake.  So right now I am really sleepy. 

When G gets here, I will trundle off upstairs to make little pink ribbon tea-light pins for LB's volleyball team.  They are having a "Pink" game on the 24th.  This is my best chance to get them done because I will be at their house a lot of the time.

Besides - I will be more stimulated to stay awake with that needle so close to my hands!!


JuJu said...

How long will your daughter be in Italy?

Judy said...

I use to love the Deer Hunting week when the men were gone and we could do whatever we wanted. The kids and I ate out every night!! I know what you mean about kids flying over the ocean and all that--I get so scared and want to know flight numbers so I can check for plane crashes--all that mentally deranged stuff.