Friday, October 04, 2013

So what have I been doing?

Basically I have pretty much chained myself to this new computer.  Windows 8 and I are at least being cordial right now.  I still hate some of its characteristics, and I find myself wondering if a true friendship or love (gasp) will ever happen.  It has one of the most annoying facets that I have ever found.  If I dare to move my mouse around too much, I am whisked away to a previously opened window.  Now that window may not have even been opened on purpose, but it will magically appear on my screen, and what I was working on goes away. 

I finally found how to toggle back and forth, but you have to hold your mouth just right and all the stars, moon and sun must be in the correct configuration for the ways to work the first time.  I spend more time hanging around in the far corners of my screen than actually doing something th at smacks of work or even just surfing.

I am getting used to the keyboard.  Not being a typist in the first place is always a problem, but this keyboard seems skewed to me.  It is all pushed over to the left.  That may be due to something that I would have adored when I was a teacher.  I have an actual number pad on the right.  That isn't so important these days since I no longer have to enter and average grades.

I have almost finished loading the files that I have copies of.  I was afraid I had lost the hours and hours of work I had put in on the family trees, but I found copies that I had done in 2005.  So there's not much lost there since I haven't done much work on them since then.  I treated myself (hey - it's only money - can't take it with me) to a new edition of Family Tree Maker, and I am going to join Ancestry again at least for 6 months.  Now - it's the pictures I am still missing.  I am afraid for those.

I can't decide if I should take the other computer to a small business that seems to be very good, or use a guy who advertises on one of the Buy, Beg, Sell, Borrow web sites that are so plentiful around here.  I have read that the more the disc runs after damage, the more damage is done.  I know the little (new) guy in Anchorage tried for hours to get into the files. 

And then other than the doctor appointments from last week, there are the volleyball games.  Lady Bug is on the "A" team.  She is the captain and a starter.  Yesterday she made a save that turned the game around.  Such a proud grandma!

Next on my agenda is the promised pictures.  They are still safely ensconced in the cameras. I will get to them.


Judy said...

These kinds of things frustrate me the worse!!

JuJu said...

I hate getting used to a new computer and new system. It takes forever! Good luck with all that!


I have friends that drag me thru the workings..

Marti said...

I hate to admit it, but I kind of like Windows 8 now. At least parts of it. Kind of a pain when I want to find the control panel.

About your font size changing, are you using an external mouse instead of the mouse pad? It took me awhile, but I finally figured out that all the weirdness going on with my computer was because I was bumping the mouse pad with my hand and causing the font to change, the page to disappear, all kinds of fun stuff.