Monday, May 06, 2013

Yeah, right.

My mood isn't a great one today.  I am way off base with my attitude, and this post is a result of that skewed view of things.

A member of my sewing group posted a note today.  She has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and was inspired by the last meeting.  They made the little heart pillows that mastectomy patients could use to shelter their mutilation (sorry - you were kind of warned about my mood).  I would  not have any use for one of these.  The problem with my tubes was accidently grabbing one when I was trying to straighten out whatever gown/pj I was wearing.  They are kept in with a little stitch.  So ...  you get the picture.

Anyway, she included a picture of her "ringing the bell" after completing chemo.  She remarked that she had gained weight from the drugs and steroids, and had been assured she would lose the weight since the chemo stopped.  I laughed  - a lot.  Yeah - just wait until you begin the little pill, whether one form or the other, and the weight just attaches itself to you for the long ride.

That was an ugly rant.  Sorry.

We may finally be seeing the end of our cold spring.  I know I am going to regret wishing for more normal temperatures.  We will be wishing for another cold front before you know it.

And the rising temperatures will have its effect on my poor old baby.  It is going to stress her - a lot.  Things are the same right now - a real roller coaster.  We are supposed to go to the SSB on the 14th.  I really think she is too fragile to make the trip, and I surely don't want to leave her.  The coming heat will add the final stress.  I lost two other dogs in July, and I am sure the heat added to the stress on their bodies.

Anyway - enough of my rants today.  Wishing you a good, comfortable week.


Judy said...

Don't you just love the fact that you have a blog where you can dump all those things going on in your mind? We can't really say what we really want to people, so--we come here. She will find out in due time--I guess you will just have to let her live in her naive world for now? I would not go to SSB if I had to leave Simone home--it just wouldn't be worth it no matter how wonderful it is there.


chin up tits out.