Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sunday Dinner

We had the best dinner that we have had in ages!  It was easy since I used the other tray of King Ranch Chicken left over from Community Club.  DIL brought salad and cookies, SIL brought bread and wine.

I knew the little kids were coming early to swim.  Of course, this is the season when the pool can be nasty thirty minutes after cleaning it.  When we planted the pecan tree, we never had a vision of a pool.  So we get the blooms from the tree in the pool.  In the fall, it's the leaves.

I was surprised when the others showed up to swim a little later.  Their pool is smaller and more shallow.  So they enjoy swimming in ours.  They will especially love it when we get the slide working again!

To cut to the chase, it was a delightful evening.  All the kids were in good moods.  The adults didn't have to get up the next day.  It was just a lot of fun.

I got an album out that was my mother.  Lady Bug was talking about who was her biological great-grandmother.  I have been working on an album of her high school years.

Son then went to get albums of he and his sister - he was looking for a particular picture.  In that album, there were pictures of Daughter in prom dresses and dance dresses.  They still hang in the closet in the study.  So Daughter went to get them.

Lady Bug tried them on:

Her swimmer's tan really shows up here.  The top one, gold one, was  really chosen by her date at the time.  The other one, I made for her 8th grade dance.  Lady Bug is in sixth - going into seventh.  We were amazed that the dresses FIT her.  They are wrinkled since they were folded on a hanger, but I was amazed how good they looked on her.  She is a pretty girl - not really dressed to model dresses.  She was amazed that her mother was her size!  The gold one was when Daughter was in 10th grade.


Judy said...

It seems, girls nowadays have the figures we had when we were in high school. It is strange to see that sometimes. They are all so much more mature then I ever was at 5 years older.

Cheyenne said...

They don't make kids nowadays like they used to. They are so much more grown up than past generations at their age.

Marti said...

I can't believe how fast she is growing up! She's such a pretty girl.

JuJu said...

when you speak of her, I never see her as this mature!

I am so amazed that you made these dresses!