Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not sure about this

Things are getting more normal about these parts.  G has had enormous guilt about us going ahead with putting Simone down.  It was coming - whether on Wednesday or in the very near future.  He left the room shortly after it was done, and Dr J stayed to talk to me.  She assured me at least twice it was the right things to do.  So I felt better about it.

So what's my problem today?  You know I have to have one.  G, in his ultimate choices, told the kids to come over here tomorrow night.  WHAT???  I really am not sure I am ready for this.

My daughter knows me well.  She just called after he called the "boys" to make sure it was OK.  She said we could be at her house.  I am really not ready for that.  She has the two Boxer girls.  Angelica, the one I wanted to foster but she decided she wanted to eat Shadow, would give me Boxer kisses all night.  While I really love that little dog, I am not ready for that.

I was going to like to that post because at this later time, it really was a funny experience.  Angelica was hot on Shadow's tail.  Literally!  But I don't know how to do that - especially since Blogger has changed over the years.

After all plans were set with the guys - G then stopped here at the table and said "of course, I don't know what we are going to have."  Sheesh - Happy Mother's Day to me!!  He had told them he "would take care of everything."  Men - honestly.

So I shouldn't complain or moan.  I get to have my kids, their spouses, and the six grand kidlets about.  That isn't the way it is for every grandmother.

On another note - my step granddaughter has pulled another stunt.  She never calls her dad and step-mom (my daughter).  That is, until she needs something.  That whole side of the family it like that.  They know that SIL and daughter are wise with their money.  When that family needs money - the phone rings.

Step gd and live in baby daddy want a new car.  They don't have money and cannot get financing for less that 12%.  Tell you anything??  So first they wanted a co-signer, then it was they wanted SIL/daughter to finance the car and they would pay them.  I don't know what turnip truck they think people fall off, but this takes the cake.

Step gd wasn't even going to tell them about her baby's first birthday party because there is much unrest due to a loan to SIL's sister of $1800 last year that was promised to be repaid.  They have gotten $200.  Oh what a mess that bunch is!

And they hate my daughter??  I think she has finally learned that she cannot do anything right in their eyes except put them on a monthly supply of money, and even then she would be a "pretentious b*tch" and it is an exact quote.

Anyway - Happy Mother's Day to you all.

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Judy said...

Seems there is angst in every family, isn't there? I hate it!! Why can't everyone just get along? Some people make that premise IMPOSSIBLE!!