Saturday, May 04, 2013

My sincere thanks

All of your kind words of support have meant so much to me.  We are still facing changes day to day.  I guess Simone is like all of us older folks (at least this older folk) in that she has good days and bad days.

Yesterday was a good day.  She was like her old self.  She ate well, and seemed to not be nauseous.  Early this morning was a different story.  She lapsed into diarrhea (sorry if TMI).

So we called the vet as she told me to do on Friday when I called about her old lady pills.  She leaks urine, and Thursday was a really bad day.  We were out of her pills, and I asked if we should go up on the dosage.   Dr J said she was working this weekend, and if we needed her ...

And we did.  So she got an injection for nausea and pills for the diarrhea.  I believe if we had requested her to be put down, the vet would have complied.  She went through this two years ago with her old dog.  She is really a great help to us.

Again, I know she is only an animal, but possibly the sweetest dog that ever walked the face of the earth.  She had a rough beginning to her life.  She was over bred, and abused in ways that I don't even want to know about.  She has the scars to prove it.  But I think we have given her a great life since, and she has returned the favor - many times over.  Now I just have to find the courage to give her the final greatest gift that I can give her.


Judy said...

You are doing such a great job with Simone. If she isn't in pain, keep on. Once she gets in pain, you know how awful that can be to live like that--I can well remember when I hurt so bad and nothing helped and I told Fred, "Call the vet and have her bring me the nite-nite shot!"

Beth said...

Never 'only an animal' when they're well-loved pets. You're on the most difficult part of the pet-ownership journey. Prayers for you.

JuJu said...

You'll know when the time is right. Trust yourself, and in the mean time enjoy these precious times with her.

So thinking of you and sending love your way.