Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Good bye my sweet baby

This was the day.  I almost cancelled the euthanasia.  It was a good day for her.  She showed an interest in things.  She walked some around the back yard, and she seemed like she felt good.

But this is a road well traveled these days.  She was on four medications.  Tomorrow probably wouldn't be a good day, and we would be going through the sadness once again.  And she would be suffering.

I wanted Dr J to say that we could wait.  I wanted her to say that she was doing so much better.  I wanted to bring her home.  But she didn't say that.  She assured me I was doing the right thing.

Before Dr J came in, the receptionist who was with us in the room was crying.  It is obvious the staff at the clinic really cared for Simone also.  She was so sweet to everyone.  When you live closely with one, you know they are more than that.  They have personalities.  Hers was kind and gentle.  I would like to think she will meet up with Taz, my first Boxer.  I would like to think he will show her around and ease her fears.

Thank you for reading.


Jeanette said...

Awwww so sorry Karen. :( I know how much you loved her. You did the right thing. Rest in peace sweet Simone.

Judy said...

Tears from me to you--wish I could just hug you and let you cry. There are no words. Maybe you can make a photo book of all her adventures, so you can take it out and look at it or for the grandchildren to look at and remember. I am so sorry!!

JuJu said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I know your heart is so heavy right now.
Sending you strength, peace and love.


Oh I feel so sad for you...huggs from texas

sherri s. said...

So sorry to read this sad news...just catching up on computer time.

We all always say "you did the right thing," and it's TRUE--they rely on us to do what's best for them even though it breaks our hearts. She knew how much you loved her, always and forever. Virtual hugs from a total stranger.

They fill our hearts, and when they leave--always too soon--there is a hole there...