Friday, May 10, 2013

Down memory lane

This year we will be having our high school 50 year reunion.  OK - now you know my age.  I once kept that a deep, dark secret.  Having cancer can surely change that!  You begin to celebrate each and every year because you almost didn't achieve it!

A classmate and others posted a really beautiful portfolio of pictures of our high school.  It is one of a kind.  It was built in about 1935.  It is in the Moorish style.  It was, and still is thanks to the Historical Society.  The make-up of students has changed a lot.  Where once it was mostly middle and upper class, it is now a school for the lower socio-economic kiddos.  I think many of the traditions have been lost, but I hear of moves to bring them back into the school.

Knowing that I have such fun posting pictures on Blogger, here I go anyway!

This is the front of the school.  I never used this entrance in my years there.  It faces the "main street."  The dome would be lit following football games we won.  

This is the other side of the front of the campus.  I had a Geometry class in that wing there to the left on the first floor.  There is yet another entrance there.  It is also a main one.  Makes me wonder how these many, many entrances are being controlled after all the school shootings that have happened.

This is the way I would enter the school especially when I was old enough to drive.  This is the back of the school.

This is just one of the many patios that are around the school.  There are about four all together.  It really gave you something to enjoy during classes on the first floor.  Perhaps that's why I wasn't as good in math.  Those were the classes scattered all over the first floor.  We had a total of three floors - and five minutes between classes.

 Just one of our "famous" graduates, and we had many including Alan (?) Ludden who used to host Password.  This is Tommy Nobis who went on to be a star player at University of Texas, and then played for Atlanta Falcons.  Sweet guy!  He graduated the year before me.

 This is our "pep squad."  The Lassos.  I am somewhere in the center on the back row.  If you look closely, you will see ropes attached to our belts.  We had a Roping Team.  All Lassos, though, had to be able to twirl the rope around us and various other tricks.  The Roping Team could do fancier ones.
 This was my senior year.  And the "dream" activity of the cheerleader and her boy friend, the football star.  I think they married.  And I believe he went on the play pro ball.  The blonde on the left is my best friend at the time, so I am probably next to her.  This line was a privilege for Lasso seniors.
 This is a view from the stage in the auditorium.  It certainly can be intimidating.  I found that out when I was the lead in the Lasso play my senior year.  But it is so beautiful
 This is the hallway outside the auditorium.
 This is taken from the auditorium balcony.  The proscenium arch doesn't show as it should.  It is multicolored as you would expect for the Moroccan influence.
This is from the area where I spent many hours.  This is the third floor library where study hall was held.  You had a study hall class everyday!  I notice there aren't as many tables there in this picture!

And so that is a thumb nail tour of Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio, Texas.  It was a wonderful place to go for high school.  It is still dear to me.  Even the alums keep up with the school.  We have our own Facebook page.  There was just something that brought reverence.  Of course, when I was there, it was legal for kids to attend whatever high school in the city they wanted to.  So Jeff was the choice for a lot of the kids.  They came from all over the city.  G grew up on the other side of town, and many of his friends rode the bus (until they could drive) for a long time to get to school


Jeanette said...

Wow! Quite a beautiful building!

Judy said...

WOW--that is a huge school. Lots of happy memories of high school. Our 50th reunion was great--I sure hope you are planning to attend yours!! Happy Mother's Day too.