Saturday, May 25, 2013

What fun!

We did go to Trivia night last night, and we had a great time.  We ended up with Pastor C and a young man (relative of two of our members - and I am  not sure of the relationship at all).

Our group was really the ideal group.  G and I aren't really good at trivia, but our age added to the group since we knew some of the "old" things.  The young man was in his 20's, PC is 40, and then us in our 60's.

The game is five rounds of ten questions on a topic, followed by an eleven question bonus.  We rocked the first three: the sit com a character came from, F in History (which I thought would kill me, but it was easy), the names of a singing duo and we named the group (glad we had the kid), a picture of the emblem for superheros with us naming said hero (PC and the kid had that one!), finally three word quotes from movies and we gave the movie.  That one killed us.  We had gotten all ten questions on all but the last one - movies.

We were in first place all evening - until the movie category.  We went to second.  The bonus didn't help us even though we got all eleven points.  It was naming all the states with six or less letters in the name.  All the groups got all eleven, so by two points, we lost!

But it was really great fun.  There are things, as you well know, that I don't really like about our church.  But there are so many things like this night that I love.  Change in the format of the service is still difficult, but change in other things like this are really great.  I just wish others would come out to enjoy these activities.

Our keyboard player has moved on to another church.  We do that.  In all my years (like 50 off and on) I was organist at at least five churches).  I have been asked to fill in occasionally.  It will be only occasionally mostly because I am not a modern music keyboard player.  I was classically trained, and the jazzy, rocky stuff is not something I do well with.  Also we are gone for a service a month, and my vision is really bad for reading music.  But on June 2 I will be the keyboardist.  I get to pick the hymns (yeah!) but still - playing with "The Band" really is daunting!

Happy holiday!


JuJu said...

It sounds like it was a great night. I love trivia. Next time, victory will be yours!

Judy said...

I love trivia also!!! When we play, the grand kids fight to have me on their team because they know I will remember the old stuff, LOL.

I just don't "dig" contemporary church and the music. I want a nice old hymn that I know the words too and the music--so I can harmonize. Good luck on the keyboard--I know you will do just fine!!!


I have a trivia game and it's called garage get 4 clues on a band and you get points for getting them right with the less