Thursday, May 23, 2013

What can top l

Actually nothing.  Encountering hogs with only the .38 revolver - with rat shot.  Almost running over three in the road, and the snake.  That is about as exciting as it gets.

Unless you add in our neighbor coming over for a "neighbor to neighbor chat" that really meant that he was going revoke our access through his property meaning we have to build another road, and install a new gate.

The road that is there has been there for at least 50 years.  There are property owners behind us who were the ones who built that road.  This was all family land, and the use of that road was by agreement.  When it was built, the only ones were the landowners at the end of the road and my in-laws.  Since then, a tract ( the one I am referring to) has been sold to an outsider.  Our tract was sold to us - still family.

Nothing has ever been said about easements - until Monday.  This person wants to close our gate and road because it is on a hill that washes down to the road.

I am not going into great detail - it's not a necessity.  We are just flat amazed here.  When he found that we had to get an easement when we put the house in and the crappy attorney didn't take into account the existing road did the easement just through G's sister's property.  No road there.

We didn't think about pursuing the other easement.  The road has always been there for use.  He has had the property for 27 years.  Never wanted one before.  Humph.


I have spent the last two days volunteering at an elementary school.  Our church has adopted this school.  We participate in a "backpack program" where we pick up non-perishable foods that the needy kids take home for weekends and we hold the "store."

The kids get "bucks" for good behavior.  Several times a year we hold a school where they can "buy" little (trashy) items.  The kids love it.

Why am I mentioning it?  Well - I fell getting up the stairs to the stage yesterday.  I have talked about not being able to kneel because of the fake knees.  Well, I landed on them.  Hard.  I don't think there is any real damage.

The railing was obscured.  I thought I could make it.  My knees are not really strong enough to do that.  So down I went.  I really believe I was far more embarrassed than hurt, but still.  I am really sore today.  My muscles across the upper back are very sore, and I think I probably hurt my lower back more than anything.


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Judy said...

What a nasty thing for the neighbor to do--there has to be some way to compromise and everyone will be happy? No?

Sorry about your knees--should you get them x-rayed just to make sure they are both okay--you don't need anymore knee surgery.

Of course, even with our replacement parts--we still have back issues--and that remains a BIG PAIN in our lives. Oh well--at least we can still walk!!!