Sunday, May 05, 2013

What a spring!

I know some of you who still are getting snow will hate me for complaining about our spring.  We have set record low temperatures for May several days running.  Our normal is a beautiful 63.  It has been in the 40's at night going up to mid 70's during the day.  The day temp is great, but these nights!

Now don't get me wrong, I am not ready for what is ahead for us in the summer months - high 90' or low 100's with a humidity to match.  I will be wishing for these great temperatures then.  What I want is the nights to stay a little warmer.  I want the money pit in the backyard to warm up.  I want to get in to get some exercise.  Swimming is the preferred exercise for my back and knees for that matter. If I were to get in, and if I survived the ensuing heart failure, I would become hypothermic in a matter of minutes.  I feel sorry for Lady Bug when she swims.  Her practice for the competition  league (the serious  one) is in a heated pool - just cold when they get out.  Practice for the summer league (the fun time for these serious swimmers because they can blow the others who just do summer   out of the water) is down at the city pool.   It is like mine - deep and not heated!   Those kiddos come out with blue lips the water is so cold.

Our church is going through some big changes (Yes, this is relevant to the topic!!).   We are nearly broke.  The pastor has taken another job, we had to give up the other space (we meet in a strip center) where the children had Sunday School, and we have gone to one service.  To make it more palatable, I guess, we celebrated these changes with a taco lunch.  Pastor said - it was so beautiful we would move the tables and chairs outside!

First, I will bet that p*ssed off the Subway just down from us since we took the end of the parking lot.  Secondly, the wind was rather biting and it was a little cold!  But we survived, and I just wish all our Sundays could be like this one.  We had a huge attendance.  I just hope the people there today remember what is going on.  I would hate to see us have to disband!

For those of you still having snow, I wish you warmth.  But I can't send it to you yet.

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Judy said...

Here in Michigan, I turn the furnace on when I go to bed, because this place gets cold and then turn it off in the morning. One day last week, I ran the furnace AND the A/C in the same day. Weird!!