Saturday, March 02, 2013

I am so ...

angry, disappointed, disillusioned?  Any or all of those.  Yes - all

First of all, I know being in the position of dealing with others can be difficult.  I know - it certainly was when I was a teacher.  The same can be said to be true of a pastor.  But ...

One of our Parishioner's mother died.  I have talked about this person before.  She and her two daughters belong to our church.  One daughter was one of the singers we have (we are contemporary don't forget), and al three of them taught Sunday School.  They were very active with the women's group.  They are my good friends.

Then one Saturday, our OCD pastor had his temper tantrum over chair placement.  Things have never been the same since.  It has been no secret that he would have no problem with them going elsewhere - just not in so many words.

He has not called them to see how they are doing after this loss.  He has not emailed, nor made a comment on Facebook.  He has ignored them with the exception of the generic card sent by the church as a whole and  that was done by Pastor Sister.

I am at such a loss for words here.  I am just so angry and hurt by this snub.  I know he is human.  I know he makes mistakes, but this is not the kind of mistake that has an excuse.  None.

I am now considering where I am going to fit into this situation.  I am not a happy Parishioner at this point.  I talked with one of the daughters, and she is hurt so very deeply by all this.

I took the "bull by the horns" so to speak and sent an email asking the women for sandwiches or deli trays for the reception, but it is tomorrow.  I am not holding out for miracles here.  Just a few loaves and fishes please???

I repeat - I am so hurt by this.  Had to unload these feelings.


Marti said...

I would be hurt too. And all this over chairs? I am so sorry for your friends, for you caught in the middle, and for this pastor who seems to have a problem that needs to be dealt with before he causes a divide in the church.


you must speak up...he may be the kind that needs to be woke up

JuJu said...

Frankly, the pastor is acting like a big baby.

No one expects him to be perfect, but I would say that holding him accountable to doing his JOB is perfectly fine. His job is to shepherd his parishioners, right?

Oh, this is a topic that really really gets my goat. I had a very similar experience when my mother passed and when my husband and I divorced. I was treated like Hester from the Scarlet Letter. GGRRR.