Sunday, March 10, 2013


Yesterday, Granddaughter #1 was left to babysit Grandson #1 and Granddaughter #2.  Usually there is blood when this happens.  The two others begin to squabble, and then all hell breaks loose.

It didn't happen.  She made them chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, spaghetti with oreo milkshakes for lunch, and they didn't fight.  Today she told me she washed something like 6 loads of clothes, all the dishes, and did various and sundry other things.  Needless to say, Daughter was amazed.  But then I have to admit so was I.

Today we offered to take them to church so she would get a little break.  They all were so good.  We took them to eat after church.  In fact, GD#2's first question after she got back from Sunday School was "where are we going to eat?"  She has our number!  When we got in the car after service, G asked them where they would like to go.  Grandson answered "is it alright with yall?"  You would think we are grumps who would threaten to beat them if they were with us more often!  Geesh!

Yesterday was the day the women's group had set to do a church wide church cleaning - meaning everyone was invited (expected) to be there.  Of course, the one group whom Pastor has turned off wouldn't be there.  Another group, which when you count extended family (members) comes to about 5, wouldn't be there because it was one of the children's birthday parties. Another lady has just completed her radiation therapy for breast cancer.  It kicked her in the boody Saturday.  Another decided that was the day to go to her husband's mother's for the day because her son was home for Spring Break (??? - don't understand that one at all - they have a week).  Everyone else - who knows.

So it was Pastor, Sister Pastor, our Associate in Ministry (a sweet, loving woman whom I adore), G and me.  We did a surface cleaning.  Moved furniture to sweep and thoroughly dusted.  Not much.  It was also to be a St Pat's Day "celebration" but well that kinda fell flat.  I had  my Blarney Pot Roast, and the AIM brought a pizza.

The service today was really great.  Pastor preached with the intensity that he has not shown in quite a while.  He was doing a series based on "When Christians Get it Wrong."  Don't cringe.  Today was on homosexuality.  It was the church's stand on homosexuals.

That topic has caused more rifts and the like than abortion, the death penalty or any other topic around.  In my previous church, it caused our youth director to leave.  In the church we visit when at the SSB, it caused long time members to leave the church.

To boil it all down, after beating this topic to death for over 10 years, it came down to allowing individual congregations to decide whether or not to call a homosexual pastor who has a committed relationship to be their pastor or not.  Pure and simple.  If the folks want them, they get them.  I know we have one congregation here that is in a predominately homosexual neighborhood has a lesbian pastor.  The congregation is unusual  It is gays, lesbians, and a bunch of older people who probably helped to found that church.  The dynamic there is wonderful.  We visited them once.  Lovely experience.

So my weekend has been anything but dull.  All in all, pretty good.  Next week - the SSB!

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Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I so love your church politics. I've been finding some stories too. I should write them down!!!!
Cheers from Cottage Country!