Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More this and that

I talk a lot about how Daughter's in-laws are dysfunctional.  They really are - and if there were an illustrated dictionary, their picture would be the one posted there.  They really amaze me.

But I got to thinking last night about my family.  Yep - the one I felt was so normal.  Normal, that is with the exception of my being an only child.  But there was dysfunction.   It just came to me after all these years.  I never thought it of before.  I guess I pushed it so far under my consciousness.  I don't fee comfortable giving the details.  I don't think it is something I will ever be able to verbalize.  It involves relatives and sexual abuse.   And with that enough said.

I guess a lot of families have dysfunction.  I hope I was able to shield my children.  We tried, but there were stresses.  My children couldn't understand why their cousins were the preferred children to G's parents - his mother especially.  They were always with those grandchildren for holidays.  When all the grandchildren would go to stay with Grandma for a week - mine knew they weren't the ones who were preferred.

But living 200 miles away helped somewhat.  Today they are able to laugh at it.  In fact, when Daughter made her move to San Antonio, Grandma even told her she was treated badly by her.  Humph - she never apologized to me for the outburst of spite she released on me.  But that is a mute issue now.  She has passed.  I wonder if she noticed I always stayed with the animals in the car when G went to the "nursing" homes to visit her when she moved?

Now I am thinking WE are dysfunctional too - at least in some ways.  Are all families?

Not where I intended to be taken, but here I am - sitting here wondering who took over my fingers to type this?


JuJu said...

EVERY family has dysfunction. I honestly believe that. But, it's how we deal with it, and how we love each other that helps us all grow!

judemiller1 said...

When my youngest made the proclamation to me that our family was dysfunctional--I said, "Of course we are. That is what a normal family is!" Dysfunction is normal!!!