Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Now that we are home, and I can lighten up a bit rather than obsess over my precious Simone and wonder about the dumb-a** cat, I can think about the couple of days with the kids spent at the SSB.

My kids and G are scared to death of flying stinging insects, but I didn't realize this fear could extend to harmless ones as well.  The granddaughters came in from the front deck raving about a "pink butterfly" out there that wasn't moving.  I didn't think too much about it.  After all it IS spring (definitely here in Texas), and the insects are rampant.  As for not moving, it had turned a little chilly, plus butterflies are notoriously short lived.

Finally I went to investigate.  There was a beautiful luna moth.  I have never personally been able to see one - only pictures.  So I used this as a great teaching situation.  I pointed out the fuzzy, thickened body, and the antennae that are also rather fuzzy.  I told them this is the characteristic of moths, and butterflies are not like that.

Well - they wanted to keep it.  That was fine with me - I was like that as a kid.  So Daughter got a plastic food storage dish that didn't have lid.  We fashioned one out of plastic wrap with holes.  I never thought she would be rather frightened by that moth, but she was.  It wasn't going anywhere!  But after warming up in the house, it became attracted to the light.  It fluttered in that container.  I thought Daughter was going to run away!!  She was scared of this moth.  You would never know she is the daughter of a biologist. I feel sorry for her - oldest granddaughter seems to be heading the way of a biologist!


Cat update:

When we got home, as I was heading to open the door, there he was, in a his splendor, soaking up the western sunlight that was filtering through the bedroom window.  He remained there as we came in the house, and it wasn't until I went into the bedroom that he finally poked his head through the drapes and meowed.

He was still an ass most of the evening.  He was demanding his half can of wet food, and continued his begging even after he got it.  He bit me several times - although most were just little nips.  As I went to bed, he would still nip.  It wasn't until I turned off the light and settled down that his true desire was realized.

He was able to come up to my chest, snuggle and be snuggled.  He stayed with me most of the night.  That meant that I didn't get a really restful sleep.

I woke at 3 having to "go."   When I swung my legs over the side of the bed, I put my foot right in the middle of a Boxer!  We had a storm rush through last night, and there was some thunder - which I had not heard.  That meant Simone was going to be beside me!  So I waited a while until she felt safe enough to return to her crate.  I then got up, and Shadow ran to his food bowl - which was foolish.

He didn't return until about 6am.  But he certainly was going to get the most loving last night!!  He was purring every time I woke and touched him.  Stupid cat!


Jeanette said...

We love our pets but they sure can be a pain in the butt!

JuJu said...

Oh, Shadow makes me chuckle. These cats of ours pretend they are so independent, and yet all they want is some mama loving!