Friday, March 08, 2013


We have the Houston Livestock and Rodeo going on right now.  This is week one of three.  And no, we don't ride our horses to the event.  They are trailered in.

I bring the show up because Daughter and SIL are on the Horsepartality Committee.  My that sounds like my first paragraph isn't true.  Anyway, during the show there are lots of horse shows and auctions going on.  This week is the adult, professional breeders and ranchers.  Next week are the kids, and the third week I don't know.  We usually don't have a third week.  I guess that was the only way to get another George Strait concert in.

When G and I were younger, we went to the livestock show several times during the show. We had horses, and we went with another couple who had their horses at the same boarding place.  We loved it.

To add another feather to his cap, SIL decided it would behoove him to get on a rodeo committee.  Like they had the time then, and certainly don't now.  But it gave another bragging point o his life.  This is something like the third year they have done this.

Guess who gets the "opportunity" to baby sit when they do this.  That's right. I do find it strange they have ended up on this particular committee since it would be where we would go during the shows.  The last couple of years, their tour of duty has been clean up.  That meant late night.  This year it was 6am to 2 pm.

Guess who got to haul their butt out of bed at 4:30 this morning - that is besides them.  You guessed it.  At least the two older ones had school, so I just had to make sure they were dressed and off to school - me delivering middle son.

I sound like I am complaining.  Not really.  I enjoy being with the kids.  But the timing isn't great.  And this is something they have taken on that they really don't have time for.

But I did get to keep Granddaughter #2 today again.  She is turning into a really cute kid.  This is from a monster diva you have to understand.  I try to plan shopping trips.  They seem to keep her more involved than watching MY tv, and I surely don't want to watch HER tv programs.

We had a great time through it all, and I am probably going to put my rear in bed for a few in a bit.

But first I am going to go ahead and make my "Blarney Beef Pot Roast" for the church wide cleaning/St Pat's celebration scheduled for tomorrow.  That will be one of the biggest busts around these parts.  First, it is the first weekend of Spring Break for these kids; second, my dear friends of whom I have been posting will obviously not be there so I am at minus three already; third, the other faithful attendee will be going to her sometime attending daughter's son's birthday party convoluted enough there?); fourth, MY daughter, et al won't be there; and fifth, I am really expecting Pastor and Sister Pastor to not be there and that will mean no key for the building since they have never deemed my responsible enough for a stupid key.

I am really believing tomorrow will be the biggest fiasco in the history of this church!  And I am a tad upset.

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Sally Crowe said...

Well, goodness gracious; you sure have your hands full. I hope everything turned out well.