Monday, March 25, 2013


This is a very ironic situation - especially after my last post when I was musing about what it would be like to have a sibling.

Let me give you a little recent history.  I have written for many years about the relationship between Daughter and her in-laws.  It is difficult to put it mildly.  And their relationship naturally carries over to us (me).  They at the very least don't like me.  I think I would be safe to say they detest me.

You see, they believe we are independently wealthy.  They believe we pay for all the cars, the house, and everything else for Daughter and SonIL.  In reality, Daughter and SonIL are by far more wealthy than we, and they are 39 and 41.  She tries to tell them that at one time or another G held two jobs and in reality I had three.  I was a teacher, a part time organist, and ran a craft shop.  Her in-laws try go get out of work.  They want to be on whatever monies they can get - other than work.

OK - so Daughter's SisIL got herself into a real bind with her money.  This is no big surprise since that family feeds off one another.  The feeling is if one has money, and another needs it - well, the money should go to them.

Somehow or another, since her credit is so poor, and she has written so many bad checks, she can't have a checking account.  BUT her father, who has just as poor of a credit report and has written many bad checks can have one.  So this girl gives her checks from work to her dad.  Stupid.  He then thinks nothing of "borrowing" from her.  This is especially true of borrowing that money to give to the youngest (surprise baby??) who they never expect anything from.

So it came time for her rent.  The money was not there.  She has been late so many times that this time was going to mean she was evicted. Rather than come out and ask for money, she posted on Facebook she needed a miracle.

To cut to the chase, Daughter, in her belief that there was something worth saving here, went to her aid.  She found that her SisIL was late on so many bills.  She desperately needed in excess of $1800 to stay in her apartment.  Daughter never gives that family money - she will pay for things.  She knows if she gives money, it will be used for other things - like the rent on a 52 inch (or larger) flat screen HD tv.  (Note-I said RENT)

So Daughter loaned the money, and did put some stipulations on it - like cancelling her middle brother's smart phone, not giving her money to her dad to keep, and some other things.  Those stipulations weren't  met - surprise.

Then at Spring Break, the sister told SonIL's daughter that she felt Daughter and SonIL were angry with her because she sent an email about the grandparents there not seeing the kids.  That broke the whole thing open.  Nothing was going to be said to the remaining family about the loan before this.

The whole situation has now turned toxic - surprised??  It has ended with SisIL "unfriending" Daughter from Facebook.  But then - she did the same to me!!!   I am not heart broken over this.  I accepted her as a friend to keep things from getting uglier if I turned her down.  But I didn't do anything!!

I am really glad there is no "friendship" there.  I don't want to know her business, and I surely don't care for her to know my business.  I do have to laugh however!!!

I think this probably answers my question about having a sibling!

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Marti said...

Funny you should post this today. I just got off the phone with my mom - my aunt died, and her three remaining children are trying to cut their brother's widow and her children out of the will. They weren't even going to tell her that her mother-in-law died.

About your dd's in-laws, it sounds like it might not be a bad thing to be cut out of that family. There are definitely some dysfunctional families out there.