Thursday, March 07, 2013

Dodged another one - so far.

Simone has regained some of her old self.  She is a little perkier, but I am realistic enough to know that with each down time, they do get worse.  And one of these days, she will just continue to go further and further down.

I have had animals all my life.  It is only in the last 30 or so that I have really gotten close to my animals.  They were always outside pets. Now, they are family.  They sleep if not with me (Shadow) - close by in her crate.  They are really family.

The worst part of having an animal, especially one who is family is when the end comes.  As many times as I have had to put them down, it never gets any easier.

I finally noticed that I had poor typing skills and worse proof reading in the last post.   I certainly did not mean to write "dead God" for "dear God."  Not much telling what will come from this computer.  With my poor typing skills, sticky keys on this computer now (I've used it too many times while eating lunch), poor proof reading, and failing eyesight.  I guess one way to help this would be increasing my font size, but I think it would be too tedious to read only about three words per line!!


JuJu said...

You do just fine!

So glad to hear that Simone had a better day.

Marti said...

I'm glad she is better today. You are so right, it never gets easier no matter how many pets you have. That's one reason I've resisted getting another pet. Not the cat, he doesn't count as he came to us.

I didn't mean to point out a typo, just thought you might want to fix that one.