Friday, March 15, 2013

Horrible, horrible, horrible

That just about sums up the last three days.  They should have been great, but they are simply horrible.  Daughter and clan were here with us; we planned several little trips including a really cool museum, but when I add it up it has been horrible.

How did this happen?  Well, when we were trying to leave, Shadow decided he would show us who was boss.  So he disappeared rather then get into his carrier.  We turned the house upside down trying to find him.  Nice way to leave your house, right?  So we left additional food, water and litter.  He was going to have to make due.

As I have noted here, Simone is definitely on a downward spiral.  Wednesday it got a lot worse.  It was so bad that by Thursday morning I was ready to call the vet here to make sure they could cremate her body after I had them put her down.  She was so sick that she was miserable.

We still think she has, at some point, had a small stroke because she is using her back right leg strangely.  I did forget to add that we had no land line from Tuesday to Thursday, but it had been out since the big storm on Saturday night.  So my call to the vet would have been via cell phone - and that wasn't a good connection.

But she was better that morning.   The girls headed into Mason.  G called about noon.  Simone was sick again.  We argued again.  He blaming me for getting a rescue dog and on and on.  I stopped at the vet.  They can cremate.  Of course the vets would be completely out of the office beginning Friday afternoon.  Great.  That's when she will really turn the corner.

On the way home (about 45 minutes) I cried, thought, talked it out, and whatever   I was ready to get back in the truck with Simone and head back.

To cut to the chase - this morning, she was her new old self.  To translate, she isn't fully well, but she was prancing about.  She is so much better than she was.

This is probably the most disjointed post ever.  Sorry.  That is the way I am feeling right now.

Perhaps we will make it home with our dog.  My son has checked on Shadow.  He cannot find him nor any sign of him (using the freshest litter and all). So will we be minus a cat?   Will we have lost them both?  Don't know these answers.  Dare not guess.


judemiller1 said...

G is blaming you for getting a rescue dog? How long have you had Simone? Why would he bring up old stuff like that? Oh--yes--I remember some stupid arguments my ex and I had and how he could bring up things that happened 15 years before. I never did understand his point. Hopefully, Simone will stay okay for awhile longer and Shadow will re-appear. Hang on!!

Marti said...

Oh I hope Shadow isn't trying to teach you a lesson. But I bet he will come running the minute you call his name when you get home.

I'm glad Simone is better. If your dh is like mine, he lashes out with a comment like that when he is frustrated or worried about the situation. It is so hard to know what to do for a failing pet, and when to do it.

I'm sorry it turned out to be such a bad few days for you. Make it home Simone!

JuJu said...

Oh Karen. I feel your pain and sadness. I just hope that when you read this, you will have had some better news. Love to you and your four legged family members. xxx

sherri s. said...

We don't know each other, but virtual hugs sent your way.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

It's tough when an animal is sick. I'm so sorry.