Thursday, February 28, 2013

Safari has created a monster

As we all know, for some reason my favorite place - Chrome - has decided it hates me and won't let me post pictures.  Well, Safari feels sorry for me - probably even more so because I still don't have any Apple based computing stuff.

But I do have pictures to post, and Safari will let me put them into Blogger.  They love pictures I guess.  I just wish I were better doing it.  I will not spend the next half hour putting them where I want them!

Ok - these are THE dresses.  Getting this picture involved Daughter coming back toward home to meet SIL and Granddaughter #2 at Starbucks because the doll was in her car.  The destination for Granddaughter #2 was school and "Show and Tell" day.  I didn't ask how the presentation was received! 

This is a dress I made for her last year.  It is Rodeo time in these parts partner, and we dress as such.  Believe it or not, the Houston area really does have a number of horses about.  In fact, when we first moved here - we had three!  Now back to the point.  Today and tomorrow at school, the kids are doing some kid are doing some sort of dance thing, so western wear was in order.  This dress has little horseshoes in the print, and the vest is fake ultra-suede.

So here are the pictures!  And surprise of all, I managed to easily get them put into the text. The text with the first one was centered all the time, but I was verbose enough that  it doesn't really look like that - at least not too much - I hope!

Happy Rodeo days (all 20+ of them).


Marti said...

I bet she was a hit at show and tell. So cute.

It's rodeo time here too, Fat Stock Show and all that. I haven't been to it in years though. Do you go? I used to love the rodeo when I was growing up.

JuJu said...

I bet she, and her doll, were the stars of the day! Adorable.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Sad for the church politics, love the dress!