Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yes, unfortunately I still exist

I've just been out of pocket for another week.  The bad news is that ATT let me down.  No internet through them and my fancy phone.  The worse news is that I guess if I want internet, it will have to be by satellite.  I guess the $50 (plus taxes and all sorts of fees) can go to the satellite that is advertised at $40 (plus taxes and all sorts of fees).  G doesn't like the idea - he isn't even on board for the satellite tv!

We actually returned on Tuesday, but I was too tired to post then, and yesterday I went to Doodle Bug's "graduation" from pre-school.  They were cute.  I will try to post a picture tomorrow - especially since Lady Bug "graduates" from 5th grade.  OMG!  Let's make all these big occasions.  In a way, LB's does mark her moving into a whole new era.  

In other news, I guess technically I am not a great grandmother.  My step granddaughter had her baby yesterday.  Strange family this makes.  I am a grandmother to a 4 month old and great grandmother to a newborn.  

Anyway, M came through it with flying colors.  I was worried about her.  Like every pregnant woman, the last weeks are miserable, and you want that baby out more than anything else.  So it was with her.  Last week she was told her cervix wasn't softening.  But she was given the choice of waiting or inducing (on her due date because of the gall bladder problems).  Guess what she chose?  So she went in on the evening of the 22nd for the Cervadil.  Seems to have worked.  Her water broke about midnight, and Allie Beth was born yesterday afternoon with a fairly easy labor.  Congratulations M.  Now don't follow in your birth mother's steps, who by the way isn't speaking to M.  

Yesterday I pulled a real boner stunt.  We laugh about the bottom step on our steps being the "killer step."  I have fallen more than once, G has fallen, Son fell - holding his son and hurting his foot really badly.  I try to be extra careful these days.  Well, yesterday I was trying to get the suitcase with the fabric I took up the stairs when I remembered Simone had not gotten her pills.  I was coming back down, not paying attention, and missed that last step.  Down I went.  I landed squarely on my right hip.

G, from the other room, asked it I were OK.  Duh - didn't you hear the thud.  Couldn't you have gotten off your dead a** to see?  Anyway, things were all in tact yesterday.  Today I am so sore!

Today I will be working to complete an outfit for Allie Beth and doing two more Baptismal blankets (that I have been asking about since January - our church - no communication until it is really serious!).



JuJu said...

Oh, congrats on being a great grandmother. And a grandmother. Well, and a mother.

I'm so sorry you fell. I seriously think you should get rid of that step? Unless, of course, you're trying to injure someone, in that case, then leave it alone. ;-)


too bad we can't start out with the great grandkids, then the grandkids and then the kids..

Beth said...

Hope you're recovering from you fall. It's no fun to be in pain!

And congrats on the new addition.