Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Swim - or drown?

In college, I decided that an easy PE credit was beginning swimming.  I already knew how to swim - I thought, but just how difficult could this be?  Let's face it, I was not, am  not a physical person.  I don't like to sweat.  I did enough of that with menopause.

That was the best course I ever took - other than the folk dancing that was also a PE credit.  Pretty cool - fun PE credits!  I learned the correct way to swim.  We began with just getting used to the water.  We ended swimming a couple hundreds of meter swim without stopping.  And I could do it.

So I have always loved to swim.  I loved it so much that we put in a pool.  When the kids were little we were in that pool everyday for hours.  Then they left, and I got old had cancer and two knee replacements.

After those surgeries, I had lots of stitches that shouldn't get wet.  After the knees, I knew I couldn't get out of the pool.  I don't have all the strength in my legs back.  Years of inactivity has taken its toll.

We had to have the pool replastered this year, and I wanted a rail at the steps so I had something to hold onto.  Otherwise I would be kneeling on the decking at some point, and I have been told not to kneel - especially on something hard.  He said the titanium knees would do a real number on that thin knee cap bone.  So we had the rail put in.  That was no easy task.  They are not usually on a private pool.

Saturday I finally decide that the pool had to be warmed enough.  It is a deep pool - we have a diving board.  It takes a long while for all that water to get warm.  Even in Coastal Texas!

It still is a little cool.  Its temperature is what I would like when the days are high 90's to 100.  But I got in.  Slowly.  I am so glad I didn't launch myself into the deep end - which isn't far into the pool.  As I began to kick, I realized I had never tried fake knees to swim.  They felt a little strange.  But more than that - I didn't have the strength to kick a lot.  Kicking is my long suit.  It scared me a little.

So I stayed in the more shallow end swimming from one side to the other which isn't far - maybe 5 feet.  I also did some exercise moves to strengthen my legs.  I wasn't in long.  I didn't really expect to feel anything.  I was so wrong.  I was getting a little sore, and it wore me out!  Talk about being out of shape!  Geez.

So I haven't been in since, and I won't be able to get in today.  The pool man comes and he will "shock" the pool which means the chlorine level will be off the charts.  Not good for the skin.  But I will be back in for a while, then we are basically away from home for the month of June.

In other news, I finally downloaded pictures from the  "graduations."  The top is my LB.  Not a good picture and it is the best I could get!  The bottom is Doodle Bug.  I have one of her smiling, but her eyes are closed.

Oh, and JuJu - we had about 65 people at the picnic.  I think everyone had a great time.  Some stayed for quite a while, and there is talk about having another one soon!


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JuJu said...

Oh, I am so pleased for you that you got back into the pool! I bet it will get easier and easier the more you try. Even if it's only for the months of July and August, I bet it would make you feel great.

Hello to the bug girls. They are both adorable!

I bet the food at the picnic was great; nothing better than church potluck!!