Saturday, May 26, 2012

Didn't download, but

As usual, I didn't download the pictures from the pre-school graduation. but I will.  I know you are waiting with baited breath for that one!

We went to the elementary graduation.  It was really nice.  I will try to include a picture of Lady Bug and our neighbor across the street's picture.  I usually have problems with Blogger these days.  And I did.  I will try again.

I am back with using my sleep apnea machine.  I have gotten really a little worried.  I am hoping this will get my appetite under control.  Ten years ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.  That was when I was able to lose a considerable amount of weight.  In fact, so much that I stopped the cpap because I didn't need it.  That was also before the cancer - bc - lol!!

The problem with the CPAP is that the ramp feature no longer ramps!  What that means is that it begins putting our only a little air.  Then it gradually goes to the amount prescribed to keep the airways open.  That took about two weeks to get used to.  I was not getting much sleep since I was ramping it myself by manually adjusting the mask.

It is working now.  Things are good on that front.  My back is hurting some.  My right hip, where I fell, feels bruised, but I don't think any real harm was done.  No broken hip.  Good fat on the butt!

We are in the process of changing our email account.  We are getting with the program by bundling phone, internet and tv, so we will become ATT subscribers. I don't think it will affect this in anyway, but just so you know.

Tomorrow is the church picnic - first annual.  I am looking for good things.  Have a good Memorial Day.




I've had mine for months and have yet to use it..they can't find a mask that doesn't give me panic attacks..and these people are next to stupid..sigh* I need to lose 60 pounds then I won't need it

JuJu said...

What are you taking for the picnic? Do you have a "standby" church item? I'm going to a pool party tomorrow and taking seven layer salad. My fave.

I snore like a banchee (is that the right spelling) and I'm afraid I have sleep apnea. I'm with YDG. I know if I lost weight that would cure it. Ugh.

I'm glad your butt protected your hip. :-)