Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh, what a meeting

I knew today's Women's Group would be poorly attended.  I had gotten several replies that for one reason or another, they couldn't be there.  Most were people who seldom come anyway, so it wasn't a big deal.

Then my co-conspirator called just before the meeting.  She and her girls wouldn't be there.  Her brother made a surprise visit for Mother's Day.  I was a bit devastated

Daughter had asked last night who was going to be there.  I told her I had no idea - I had only gotten the non-attending.  I didn't think she would show either, but she called me when I was on the way.  She was coming.

I got there first - of course.  Then Daughter.  She has a key, but can't find it.  Plus she didn't think of bringing it.  The daughter of another member arrived.  She had no key.  Her cousin has one, but couldn't be there either, and didn't give B the key.

B's aunt arrived - the mother of the other one - and still no key.  But it was then determined that K had the key, but she wasn't there yet.  I found out she was attending the first communion for her God-daughter.

Crazy - right!

Then we began discussing formalizing the church picnic set for the 27th of this month.  We really couldn't because we didn't know what the church was providing.  Pastor was at the Synod Convention, but Daughter called and texted him - a lot.

Just as we finally got all the answers we needed - he sent his sister.  I already feel that they don't think we are able to handle this group, so I was really upset.  I am more than happy to organize the picnic, but I have to be given the rules first.

I thought we were going to have hot dogs AND hamburgers.  Well - no.  So that needed to be set.  At the very end of getting all set, Pastor's sister (who is Minister of ? - non ordained) asked who was going to furnish the grill.  I nearly fell out of my chair.

This is part of the problem we have in this church.  Communications are not clear, and most expectations are not well spelled out.

If this post sounds (and is ) crazy, that's because this meeting was crazy!!




haha..sorry to laugh but it really is funny..everyone there and no key

JuJu said...

I vote for PBJ sandwiches. Much easier and no grill needed. :-)

I'm sorry it was such a stressful experience!