Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I do hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.   Mine was 99% great.  G gave me a lovely orchid plant.  He said he was replacing the one that died.  That and another one were the only ones I have been able to keep going - in fact, the one that is still alive even bloomed again.  That is a record for me, and it's a shame because I love orchids so much.  But then I used to laugh about all the rosemary plants in the world screaming when I walked by.  Every one I would buy would turn brown.  I finally figured out my water person (G) was over watering!  So now I have a huge, healthy rosemary plant.  I am hoping the same for these orchids!

I had told Daughter I wanted a good pair of fabric scissors because I know they can be expensive.  Well - I got those and another pair that cut nicely through thick layers of fabrics.  Wonderful.  Plus they hosted famly dinner last night, and it was delicious - as normally.

Son and DIL gave me a beautiful rose bouquet along with a gorgeous James Avery cross.  It is a very heavy one, and absolutely beautiful.  I think she likes it a lot too, and her birthday is the end of this month.  I may give her a matching one.  I will check with Son!

The 1% not good was my middle grandson.  He is Son's oldest.  He is three, and he is literally Hell on Wheels!  I think I posted before about him (purposely) throwing a wooden block at Daughter's youngest hitting her above the eye.  He throws things at Simone and chases Shadow.  I had reached my limit about a month ago, and the next week cancelled family dinner because of him.  No one stood up to host, so we didn't have dinner that week, then we were gone.  Son and DIL had it last week, and now Daughter and SIL.

So what got me this time, it was direct, willful disobedience. G was going to borrow a book from SIL.  So it was sitting on the couch, next to where one of the dog kennels was.  W decided that he was going to push that book through the wire of the kennel.  I just ignored that behavior.  Then he threw the book into the far back of the kennel.  I asked him to get it out, and he just looked at me as if to say eat sh*t and die.  So I asked again.  He acted like he wasn't hearing me.  I told him that I knew he could hear me and requested again.  Nothing.  I was ready to paddle his little butt!  I was furious.  But by that time Doodle  Bug had crawled in to get the book.  And to think - she was the brat before!

I really was livid.  They discipline this kid for a lot, but other things he is allowed to run wild.  His other grandparents ( and there are three - real grandmother, step grandmother, and real grandfather) apparently cater to him.  I don't cater to any of the six!

I think it is well known my family are deer hunters thus having racks of antlers about.  W thinks these large, eight-point racks are his toys.  They are dangerous.  They have long tines and are sharp.  When we were at his house, he had one that almost at differing times nearly pierced his little sister and baby brother.  He was trying to put a hole in their leather ottoman.  At Daughter's house, he took one from SIL's desk and was doing the same thing.  Daughter took it away.  DIL doesn't care - says he plays with them all the time.

OK - thanks for reading my rant.  I think he may grow out of this - at least I hope so.  I really believe he is going to give his parents a run for their money.  I am worried a bit though because I see a mean streak in him.  I neglected to say he threw a ball at his sister's head last night when they were outside - beaning her pretty good.  Fortunately, she had a batter's helmet on.  Mom just laughed. 

Now I am done.  Peace


JuJu said...

I'm so glad that the majority of your day was so pleasant! The cross sounds gorgeous, as does the orchid. You have some thoughtful folks loving you!!

And, then there's the 3 year old...

My nephew was very mean as a little boy, I actually saw him throw a ROCK at his brother during the national anthem. Brother couldn't cry as he was being respectful during the song. Broke my heart.

Cheyenne said...

What happens to these bad kids when they grow up? Some change for the better and others just get worse.
I don't have any grandchildren, my only daughter doesn't have kids, so I have little room to judge others.
I do have four fur babies and they are like grandchildren in that they are muchly spoiled.


glad you had such a great mothers day...peace with the a good influence on him..