Friday, October 01, 2010

Two things or so

First, oh hum, is the ever present Shadow (thank you Lord). If he were able to talk, he would probably say that he could never get sick again. He would probably wonder what we would do to him the next time - I mean, this time was a cut from stem to stern! He went to the vet to stay a bit yesterday, and he had the feeding tube removed. And good news I(very, very) they will exchange the liquid nutrient for the feeding tube with regular food.

Right now Simone is on my list, but as G would say, she was "just being a dog." I left the door to the jail open while I gave Shadow his pill, and then I came in here. I just heard the thing bang, and here comes Simone. I know she ate the rest of his food. I guess her expensive prescription dog food just isn't enough! I scolded (right - she really knows what that means), and she slunk off to bed.

G is driving me nuts. He is so d*mned cold natured. I got in the truck the other day, and turned on the a/c. All that came out was hot air. I immediately thought we were having a/c problems again, and I would be without wheels while it was fixed. I looked down, and the temperature gauge was turned as hot as it would go. When I said something, he readily denied it. BS!

So we are having some cool weather these days. It is to be about 58 tomorrow and Sunday. He said we would have to have the heater - "it is going to be in the 50's - it's going to be cold!"

Now you have to understand. I am in heaven with this new system. It has a thermostat that I don't have to touch. I set it for four or more hour segments. It is set rather high during the day, but at night that little baby is set at 70! I like it cold when I sleep. He thinks I am going to have the a/c during the day and the heat in the early morning. Not. In. This. Lifetime. He can get over his silly self.

And now for our newest - Little Teenie. I will be going to see her later. I think daughter is going to go with me, which is perfectly find. I won't have to drive. She appeared to be a good baby. When they were giving her the physical, she was perfectly calm. She was content to lay on her back. She extended those legs to their full extent. She was all of her 19"!

The people at the desk reprimanded us not to take pictures. I managed to get one of my son looking at his daughter before they said anything. It was a stupid demand. LT was the ONLY baby in the nursery. We weren't stalking any other babies. Well - what can I say. They did have a Code Pink while we were in the waiting room, and those doors got closed immediately! The Code Pink is a baby has set off an alarm, and a kidnapping may be happening.

Well, I am off to call daughter to see when/if she wants to go. Oh, I have another thing to ramble about and I will do it tomorrow. Isn't that a cleaver cliff hanger (not!).

Peace be with you and P.S. - I need to update the school thingy with LB.

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Cheyenne said...

Can't thank you enough for those Shadow updates. So it looks like he is on the mend. That's always a good thing.
Yes, take advantage of that little baby girl. They grow up so fast it makes your head spin.