Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The rant continues

One would think that the beautiful weather we have been having for several days would make me mellow and mild and without complaints. It seems to work in the opposite. Perhaps it is all the ragweed that is blooming, and this year instead of the nasal and sinus problems I just turn into a witch (and exchange that "w"); oh - it is Halloween after all. I guess I'm just "feeling the season."

Yesterday I let off some steam that has been building for a long time. Today it will be newer steam. For the past five years, I have hated October because it is Breast Cancer Awareness. I should be a good veteran of that disease, and hope that all women pay attention. All it does for me is to drive home the point that I didn't follow the guidelines. For that I had Stage 2 breast cancer. It makes me remember, even more often, that I may very well have a recurrence at any time. Talk about a bummer, and here are all the little walks, fashion shows to raise funds, and pink ribbons that adorn every possible surface. The reminder is just too much. I HATE October.

With that having been said, let's move along to the next, and continuing complaint. I STILL HATE WINDOWS 7! I am sticking with it because the computer guru who writes for the paper says that my beloved XP is going to be obsolete in just a matter of years.

I would yank this OS off this computer in a flash if I didn't feel I should get to at least have a pleasant greeting with this thing. I spent the entire day yesterday looking for a file (a huge file of embroidery programs that I have been collecting for years. I don't know if it was Win7 or the new computer that I will swear is HAL from the movie 2001.

The beast has a mind of its own. All I have to do is look at it and something will be deleted - in fact I thought this post just went into cyber space, and I didn't do a thing to cause that! But yesterday that file completely disappeared from the folder.

So I thought, no problem - I have it on the external hard drive that has saved my butt many times. I booted the external drive - there is was - I moved the cursor, and poof - it was gone. Probably into the same place the original one went.

I was fervently trying to remember some of the sub-files, and my memory pulled its little act of not being of help at all. I poked and poked until it was time to get the sewing machine from its yearly physical exam. I remarked to the machine doctor about my problem, and we chatted a bit. I came home and remembered a bit of that large file. It is now in place, but in the mean time I discovered that I believe this little lowly laptop only wants to have DVD type of discs put into its little body. It wouldn't write to just a plain, everyday, name brand CD!

So, as of this moment, all it well. I still am in a funky mood even though I should feel good about me clean teeth since I just returned from that appointment! MIL is doing better. Her More-than-assisted living won't take her back right now. She falls too much, so she is headed for re-hab. Me thinks that may be a no return trip, but she has fooled me before. She will probably out live me!

Peace be with you!

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judemiller1 said...

Just like how calm our lives would be if we didn't have all the electronic stuff! So easy just to pull a written or typed file out of the file cabinet and thumb through for the pattern we want.