Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's meeeeeeeeee

We are finally back from the testosterone laden SSB. SIL and Monkey Boy extended an overnight stay into the weekend stay. Really, it was fine, and it was a time that MB will remember for a long time. SIL loves to exaggerate thoughts and feelings, but means well. He says how excited MB was to spend the time with US, but I suspect it was as much as with his dad as anything.

SIL was coming up to set up his feeders. He is convinced that he would never see a deer without those feeders - that are within 10 feet of one another. He also wants them on a bald as prairie. Don't give any natural cover. I guess I will get off his case now. But he is so addicted to those outdoor magazines and tv shows that talk about hunting in the Rocky Mountains.

I know there are a large number of folks that do not like hunting. I recognize that. I am not a hunter. It isn't that I don't enjoy the meat. I certainly do. I have been eating it all my life - thanks early on to my uncle who loved to hunt, but had no freezer (!??!??!?). I just don't want to take the chance of wounding an animal. I just can't kill one. In our area, there are just flat too many deer. If hunting were outlawed, there really would be a lot of dead deer anyway. We are in a semi arid area where the oaks only put on acorns once a year, and the rest of the vegetation is scrub. The informed farmers and ranchers won't allow the natural predators to keep all the populations in check, so ... Listen to me go on here! Why, you would think I went to college and became one of those wild life folks who know what's going on with the ecosystem. Well, yes as a matter of fact, I did! But enough of this. The whole situation is something that I or no one else is changing in the near future.
We had a good weekend. I was a little worried when it was announced that we would have two additional mouths for Sunday dinner. One who won't eat anything but sandwiches and chicken nuggets - with catsup, and another who is rather like a Hoover vacuum. I knew we must have something because that's just the way I am. If push came to shove - it would have been the dried beef over something.

I went to the little cube freezer. I had been threatening to clean it for eons. So this was it. When you open that poor little thing, you have to pray the ice packs will fit. Well, I began pulling twenty pound bags of ice out, and guess what - the thing is only half full. Plus, there lurking in the very bottom was a bag of gumbo (actually two bags and a little container). We were saved. I got out the big soup pot and put that hunk of frozen gumbo in it. I let it go all day. I also found some yeast rolls to let rise and bake. MB had a sandwich.

Well - one of these days he may eat.

Peace be with you.

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